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Wait til next seas... This team rules!!

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    Wait til next seas... This team rules!!

    My heart may not survive until the Super Bowl. Nice win, contibutions in OT from both sides of the ball...

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    Re: Wait til next seas... This team rules!!

    Here are my power rating rushes, not including the Monday Night game.  If the season started fresh next week against random opponents, these are the number of wins that my software would expect out of a 16 game season.

    1   gb   13.6   (last wk. 2)

    2   sf   12.7   (last wk. 1)

    3   hou   12.6   (last wk. 5)

    4   ne   12.4   (last wk. 3)

    5   atl   11.2   (last wk. 6)

    6   nyg   11.2   (last wk. 4)

    7   chi   10.8   (last wk. 7)

    8   den   10.3   (last wk. 8)

    9   sd   10.1   (last wk. 9)

    10   no   9.6   (last wk. 13)

    11   sea   9.5   (last wk. 10)

    12   dal   9.4   (last wk. 11)

    13   min   8.9   (last wk. 14)

    14   nyj   8.8   (last wk. 15)

    15   bal   8.2   (last wk. 12)

    16   pit   7.9   (last wk. 17)

    17   was   7.6   (last wk. 21)

    18   det   6.7   (last wk. 18)

    19   tb   6.4   (last wk. 20)

    20   car   6.2   (last wk. 19)

    21   cin   6.2   (last wk. 16)

    22   mia   6.1   (last wk. 23)

    23   phi   6.0   (last wk. 22)

    24   ten   5.4   (last wk. 28)

    25   oak   5.3   (last wk. 26)

    26   buf   5.3   (last wk. 25)

    27   ind   5.2   (last wk. 31)

    28   cle   5.0   (last wk. 24)

    29   stl   4.8   (last wk. 27)

    30   kc   4.5   (last wk. 32)

    31   az   4.4   (last wk. 29)

    32   jac   3.8   (last wk. 30)

    New England may be #4 now, but they start an awful lot of rookies and second-years that are likely to get better as the season goes on.  In particular, the entire Patriots defensive backfield is a Romper Room, Romper Stomper Bomper Boom!  Dennard is a rook.  Tavon Wilson is a rook.  Ras-I wasn't really playing much in his rookie season.  McCourty is an old man in his third season.  Dont'a Hightower is a starting rook.  Chandler Jones is a starting rook but he plays pretty well already.  The Patriots' second-year starters are also still maturing:  Nate Solder, Shane Vereen, Stevan Ridley.  Marcus Cannon is almost a rookie.  Who is Ryan Wendell, what has he done with Dan Koppen, and if Wendell ever goes down, who is Nick McDonald behind him?  Brandon Bolden is out there and he's a rook too. 

    In sum, I wouldn't put a Super Bowl past this team.  Houston is the problem in reaching the Super Bowl, and apparently Baltimore isn't. 

    For the December 10 Monday Night home game I now have New England over Houston by 3.4 points.  Houston has a cool weather game 11/11 at Chicago, but their 12/10 game in Foxboro at night is likely to be somewhat colder, windier and rainier than they're accustomed to in Houston. 


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    Re: Wait til next seas... This team rules!!

    In response to JintsFan's comment:

    i wouldn't either because the AFC sucks

    You suck.