Warnings Were Out

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

    Some jumping to conclusions going on here it seems.


    Last season, the pass happy Patriots averaged 38.25 passes a game. This season after 4 games they are averaging 38.5 passes a game. Seems we are passing slightly more per game so far this year than last.


    But we have run it more. That only makes sense considering the run has been working better. We are averaging 4.2 yac this season and did only 4.0 yac last season. And the 2.3 yac against the Ravens dragged this year's avg. down a lot.

    It's pretty clear BB was looking for some new horses by drafting Vereen and Ridley pretty high. And the abbreviated camps last year, plus their rookie status, probably put his plans on hold somewhat so he relied on the run somewhat less than usual.


    If the run remains effective, we will likely see more of it. Nothing new here. If something is working you do more of it. That axiom is as old as the game itself.


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    Re: Warnings Were Out

    Warnings were out?  What, did you send an email to Josh and Bill after the Baltimore game telling them they'd get their pink slips if they used Woodhead as much as they did in Baltimore? 

    It was a great offensive showing late in the game.  And obviously the run was a big part of it.  But this wasn't a classic ground and pound, grind it out, kind of game with 7 and 8 minute drives.  In fact, the Pats drives were mostly quite short (they had time to run 16 of them!).  A lot of that was because the passing game was working well, which meant the Bills stayed in nickel and dime defenses the whole game, which opened up the run. With two TEs on the field it was easy for the Pats to overwhelm all those DBs on the run and rip off 5-10 yard gains on nearly every carry.  The mix of run and pass was essential to the strategy, but let's not delude ourselves about what this game was.

    This strategy would not have worked so well against an Arizona or Baltimore, especially if the passing game was not clicking.  Those teams have big guys up front who can defend the run. The Bills played the whole game with pass defenders.  It made a big difference in what our offense could do. The good thing is that our offense was opportunistic and took what the defense was giving them in the running game, while still keeping the passing game clicking well enough to force the Bills to stay with their pass-focused defense.     


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    Re: Warnings Were Out

    It's obvious to me that the Patriots are committed to being more balanced on offense. After reviewing the Ravens game the team saw the flaws which lead to this past week's commitment to improve the run. Again this is based on what BB and TB both said after yesterday's game. I agree one game is a small sample so we will have wait and see. But yesterday's game was very encouraging.

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

    In response to LazarusintheSanatorium's comment:

    Babe, you lie and/or simply mislead, far more often than otherwise.  1st- Just offer up a link to your stats/tall-tales, so we can see IF this is the 1 in 10 exceptions to the babe "honesty" rule.  2nd- Just show us, whether or not, and how the total passes-total runs breaks down IN total, and in particular as it relates to the 4 games played thus far in this season, to the games where NE's Offence performed well (and won), or the one's where they've underperformed and/or lost- this way, we can check-off the lesser "complete agenda-driven guise at misleading others" AND the outright "lying" factors, All in 1 single swoop. 

    Oh man this tired retread arguement again.  Yes the running game didnt work in Balt because they gave up on it.  2 yards a carry boys keep running it, it will work.  Give me a break.

    We all want a balanced team.  Sometimes thou the run ain't gonna work, sometimes the pass ain't gonna work, you do what is working on that given Sunday.

    And stop channeling your inner Rusty with the we all wanted them to pass more.  We all want them to do what is the most effective and for the last 5 years that is pass the ball.  If they can become more effective running the ball then of course anyone would want them to do it more.

    What matters is if they win the game, not if they run or pass more.  Period.

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

    BB is a smart coach.  He sees other teams developing their defense to stop the pass.  Most teams are becoming pass oriented.  Why not exploit this?  Build a team that is run oriented and also able to pass. 

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

    In response to bobbysu's comment:

    Since Thursday, 14 games played. Teams that outrushed their Opponents were 9-5. (not counting Monday Night).

    Teams that lost, Miami 86 yards Cards 28,  Panthers 199 Falcons 121,   Chiefs 119 Chargers 104,      Seahawks 179 Rams 75,   Tenn. 158  Texans 95.


    It's not about outrushing their opponents. It's about creating mismatches. One way of doing that is having a running game that the other opponents defenses have to account for. There's no better sign that your run game is working than when you execute the play action. I thought the Patriots did a great job of that yesterday. The Bill's safeties bit a couple of times thinking it was a run only to see a tight end or receive have a mismatch with one of the defensive backs. Great play calling by McDaniels.

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    Take note, we heard the same thing after Week 4 last year.  This team ran roughshod over Oakland, everyone said "we can't play Oakland every week" as a way to downplay what is happening, but the difference this year?


    McDaniels will not cave into what Brady lobbies for in meeting rooms, etc.  I know many don't want to hear this, but this is a good thing for Tom Brady, his season and his future.

    This is a good thing.  Last year, I thought we had it, but Brady clearly didn't respect O'Brien.  McDaniels won't stand for Brady trying to dictate the offensive gameplans, etc.

    how do you know what the relationship with McDaniels and Brady is ? How do we know Brady is lobbying for anything? I have always know Brady from his actions to be a team player who wants to "win".  What makes you say this?

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