Warnings Were Out

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

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    Right, of course the shotgun but we were running 60+ shotgun spreads last year at one point during his crappy stretch. This was what the discussion centered around.

    Look, I am just glad McDaniels is back, they did what they did yesterday, etc, so we can have more proof that the way they played on offense in the second half, is EXACLT Y what some of us were looking for all year last year and in the SB.  That is, generally speaking, how they need to run that offense. Obviosuly, the two fumbles and FG Misses altered our ability to the offense working well, but it was in terms of this discussion.

    When I suggest not to sub the skill set of the RBs in and out (meaning Ridley and Bolden are essentially the same kind of player, whicle Vareen and Woodhead are similar), BB and O'Brien would put Woodhead into those packages too much.  They actually did it too much in the Arizona and Balt games (Balt was undertandable with their older middle defense unable to  cover well consistently), but generally speaking we need Brady under center MOST of the time. Not just here and there or a little bit. The old Weis base offense is what will help this team win a SB. I am telling you right now.  Bruschi's piece on ESPN hints at that as well.   He gives a tip of the cap to McDaniels. No doubt. If McDaniels panics and starts going shotgun spread too early, we may have lost that game. Would have been  understandable playing from behind, but it's great to see him NOT do it. It proves what many of us have been saying here.

    Just look at the Week 1 and yesterday.  People want to say Titans and Bills Ds aren't good, but it's not so much that, but look at how Brady ran the offense.  Superb.    ALl these suggestions we've made here actually are meant to help keep Brady upright and help him for cyring out loud.

    It's nice to see them put the trust in Ridley and Bolden. To me, that's the most exciting part of yesterday's game.

    Ideally, I want it like this:

    1. Ridley 75%/Bolden 25% sort of like a full back/rb type situation/goal line as well, etc. Give Ridley breathers, rest, etc, but use Bolden like you would Ridley.

    2. Woodhead 25%/Vereen25%  (Obviosly Vereen is the investment of the future so bleed him into gameplans now to).

    It appeared like McDaniels was trying to follow this  kind of formula and look at the payoff.

    Teams get overwhelmed and then the Pats offense ends up running with it.  Happens usually agaisnt flawed Ds, but we've also seen it when the Weis kind of a base be used against good Ds and score 35+ pts, etc.



    yes and when Pats face tough, physical D's that can rush the passer they wilt

    Would you characterize the SB as the Pats "wilting"? It was kind of close eh?, despite Brady's greatest weapon being hobbled. Be fair.

    of course babe...u know i am only responding to queenie

    ha ha, Just checking. queenie is a piece of work. he definitely is capable of making a person divert from their normal decorum.

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

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    ~Babe's response to me, because I've never seen him give truthful stats even once on these boards:


    In response to LazarusintheSanatorium's comment:

    Babe, you lie and/or simply mislead, far more often than otherwise.  1st- Just offer up a link to your stats/tall-tales, so we can see IF this is the 1 in 10 exceptions to the babe "honesty" rule.  2nd- Just show us, whether or not, and how the total passes-total runs breaks down IN total, and in particular as it relates to the 4 games played thus far in this season, to the games where NE's Offence performed well (and won), or the one's where they've underperformed and/or lost- this way, we can check-off the lesser "complete agenda-driven guise at misleading others" AND the outright "lying" factors, All in 1 single swoop. 

    I'm still waiting for you to produce a shred, an iota of evidence,  that I have offered inaccurate information at any time whatsoever.


    2012 - 154 atts in 4 games. 2011 - 612 atts in 16 games. Do the math.


    Again, your scurrilous accusations are rendered inept.



    ~Babe's very next reply post to Rusty:

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    Take note, we heard the same thing after Week 4 last year.  This team ran roughshod over Oakland, everyone said "we can't play Oakland every week" as a way to downplay what is happening, but the difference this year?


    McDaniels will not cave into what Brady lobbies for in meeting rooms, etc.  I know many don't want to hear this, but this is a good thing for Tom Brady, his season and his future.

    This is a good thing.  Last year, I thought we had it, but Brady clearly didn't respect O'Brien.  McDaniels won't stand for Brady trying to dictate the offensive gameplans, etc.

    Provide links to prove your statements.

    < ^ babeparilli ladies and gentlemen...Absolutely DEMANDING that sources be offered for the words in bold, but his team-wide percentages and final season end stats...?  Eh, we don't need a source for that (his integrity supports those figures he proffered, all alone)>


    The stats are available at ANY site that posts NFL stats. Do I actually have to link you to them to simply show you the passing attempts by the Pats in 2011 and so far this year?










    There are a few. Now show everybody how my saying we passed 38.25 times a game in 2011 and are passing 38.5 times a game so far in 2012 is lying.


    You're being exposed as the liar here, not me.


    I think it's hilarious that the people who complained the most about attacking others are doing the most attacking these days. I note wozzy as an exception. He has been true to his convictions and stayed on the high road.


    Still waiting for you to confirm those numbers you said I lied about laz. Still waiting for an iota of proof regarding your numerous accusations.

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