Warnings Were Out

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

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    Nobody's perfect not even the QB. You expect Brady to be 25-25 for 300 and 3 tds and you still wouldn't be happy.




    I get his mechanics are off, but how does that effect his ego, love for the shotgun or anything else you blame him of....



    I think the poor throws to the left are tied to his 2008 injury.   To throw to the left, it's a bit longer, you need a split second more time, unless it's the 1st read, and hence his desires to keep more space/vision off the shotgun snap.





    He doesn't step into those throws and is many times a split second late, with poor trajectory, etc.


    During Gresh and Zo, they talked about Cutler doing the straight back up style like FOuts used to do or Unitas and a lot of the older QBs just as an aside, where if you're backing straight up in the pocket you can see left, in front or to the right.


    If you side step back from Center, you have to turn your head to the left.  Minor difference, but still.


    IMO, he's been lazy due to looking strong side for Moss and then resorting to Welkie underneath.  That was usually there, so he had it. Once he didn't, he's shown a penchant for being slow to make reads, his played favorites and when he's high or wild to the left side, his not criticized for it.


    Also, Brady pulling back to fumble the snap from Center on those sneaks last year where he tried to blame Wendell is further proof he has some skittish behavior while being under Center, hence preferring the shotgun.


    His preference of that shotgun has compromised gameplans.  Yep.


    Call it ego, selfishness....etc..I don't care what you call it.  The fact is, his weakside throws and deep throws need to improve.   

    How about just calling it BB and McD's gameplan. For whatever reason you seem to think Brady operates as a sovereign player. What you see out there on offense every Sunday is blessed by the big man himself. Get over it already. 

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

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    I must say this in just a insane thread !!Why play one person on the offense when theres 11 guys on defense that couldn't stop the other team in final minutes of the 2 super bowl loses?

    That is a great question. Many of us have been asking that since Russ arrived.

    not sure what inspires it. Sometimes I think that rusty just wants people to admit Brady isn't perfect. Other times I think rusty has some deep seeded, homo-erotic fantasy involving Brady he is trying to play out on this board. Either way he's disturbed. 

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    Re: Warnings Were Out

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    ^^Bustchise with almost an instantaneous response like Bobby Brady the hall monitor.  What a toolchest.


    yeah, you can go jerk yourself off to your "I am right, everyone else is wrong" diatribe. We don't care except to know that you're a self-righteous tool that never wants to admit to anything.

    So, Bustchise, you signed in first as "Toolfinder", which is quite comical because we don't need to look far to find you.

    Next, you're now Cousteau, only to sign in with another one of yours just above this post as "Bustify".

    NEWSLFASH: There is no way 3 different humans all jumped in with agreement like that within 4 minutes of one another.

    My god, you are one of the dumbest and most insecure trolls of all time. If not THE most dumb. LMAO

    Thanks for yet again showing the board that you use different board names to make it appear like you have the numbers in your favor.

    Hint: Ya don't.

    Enjoy, Busty!

    of course...everyone is Bustchise! You are such a loser. Go back to your little BB/Kraft shrine.....play with yourself until mommy says " will  you stop that you loser. find a woman. or a man. or anything. just get out of my basement"

    LMAO.  In essence, anyone who is not in agreement is Bustchise. I find it totally hyserical that he still tries to sell that angle. Such a salesman.....