WATSON IS A GONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    [QUOTE]For starters, we need a fifth next year to send Uncle Al to pay for our new probowl OLB, so why don't we just ship Watson back to the Senility Poster Boy and call it even...actually Al would probably give us back our third and cancel out our debt on the third...seems fair to me...
    Posted by mountainmonkey[/QUOTE]

    we got the 5th by trading lekevin smith to denver for a 5th rounder.

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    Re: WATSON IS A GONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: WATSON IS A GONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : the new guys will have to really stink for watson to b kept. fact the pats spent so much money and traded so many draft picks to get a new core of receivers says loudly what bel will never say openly about watson. bel isnt happy with his old group. watson has peaked. no more upside. dave thomas is younger and cheaper and has been on fire in camp with his blockg and catchg.
    Posted by reg122[/QUOTE]

    The Pats didn't add a new core of receivers.  They added 2 complimentary receivers in Galloway and Lewis.  At the expense of a 600K signing bonus and 5th rounder pick in this past draft. 

    They did add Baker and Smith for a 2010 5th round pick (for Smith) and a 1.5 million signing bonus for Baker.  Smith has no signing bonus amortization.  Just his salary. 

    When it comes to the salary cap, it would be easier for the Pats to part way s with Lewis or Smith because there is no signing bonus amortization that would be accelerated.  The cap hits to the Patriots would be zero if they were cut or traded.

    Why you mentioned Thomas vs. Watson, I don't know because I made no mention of the Pats cutting Thomas for watson.  I mentioned them cutting Smith for Watson.  And I mentioned the fact that the Pats would gain 1.55 million in cap space by doing so.

    Smith had a horrible game against the Eagles.  He was outclassed much of the game, even when lined up against the Eagles 2nd and 3rd stringers.  I wasn't impressed.  And I can easily see Belichick keeping Watson, Thomas, and Baker s the TEs with Smith and DeVree being on the outside.  I also would be surprised if Bill traded Smith to the Eagles since Celek got hurt, though I don't know how much they could get for him..