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We got Crumpler!

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    Re: We got Crumpler!

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    Is this a good signing??? I ask myself what is going on. We let go of Watson and we get Crumpler who is older, slower and is not the same tight end he used to be back in Atlanta. What does BB see in Crumpler? Alge went to Tennesee a few years back with the hope of revamping Tenessee's attack. What did he accomplish? He had a really big fumble that cost Tennessee a playoff game against the Ravens in 2008. So Baltimore went to the playoffs and Tennessee didn't. I don't think we can count on him to catch many passes. Hopefully, he can still block.
    Posted by NYC

    Well here is what Reiss says:

    Once one of the NFL's upper-echelon combination tight ends as both a pass catcher and blocker, Crumpler has slowed down of late. While he was considered a key cog in the Titans' rushing attack as a blocker last season, he had 27 receptions and averaged a career low 8.2 yards per catch.

    I tend to think that Alge still has something in his tank....he has never played with a high caliber QB like Brady....

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    Re: We got Crumpler!

    Hopefully this move signals preparation for bringing a running game back and perhaps drafting a good RB. 
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    Re: We got Crumpler!

    From Bruce Allen on Twitter.

    "So Brady will be throwing to Alge and Moss next season. Is there a Lichens available in the draft? Fungi, maybe?
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    Re: We got Crumpler!

    The guy's name is Crumpler.

    How can you not like him?
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    Re: We got Crumpler!

    All of the sudden it seems like a successful free agency period. We maintained the players that we needed to and upgraded the TE position. I bet we're not done yet.