We must to realize:
1.- Brady still has issues to resolve with his knee
2.- We haven't a 3rd real and proved WR, and all cover go to Moss
3.- Welker is a human... Sometime he can drop the ball
4.- Maroney is a dancer
5.- BB hates BJGE (no other reason to me)

For most of the NFL coachs these problems are solvable

The major problem with our offense is:

We must improve in that area. We do NOT have changes in rhythm or rapid adjustments to changes in the defensive.

For example, our DEFENSE COORDINATOR (and BB) was capable to adjust our 7 front-line to a Wild-Cat formation of Broncos in 1Q and other momment of the game.... but our OFFENSE was the same throughout the game, even though it was obvious that the running game on the wings was no longer effective

We have talent
But we haven't a real OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR