Yes, it will probably break all of your widdle chowder hearts to know that your Patty-cake Pats have officially become a non-entity to we Proud, Noble Indianapolis Colts Fans, and that we have officially removed you from our list of most-hated adversaries.  In fact, it will probably make you upchuck your Narragansett into your quahog chow-duh to know that while watching your woeful ineptitude today, that several of us...through our guffaws and chortles...actually found ourseves feeling sorry for you.  Hang in there boys.  Maybe in another 86 years...I guess it would be might break the curse of the Bellicheat that your wizard of a coach draped around the shoulders of New England with his arrogance and cheating.  I only wish that I could be around to watch this New Era of New England futility play itself out.  Oh well.  Maybe better luck next century.