We need a Patriots board here on BDC

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    Re: We need a Patriots board here on BDC

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    ALL: Please allow me to tell you something about The Moderators for this BDC Pats Forum... They're great.  They are...Mods AND the Tech Team for us (if they're actually different, idk).  Both ARE Great.   Been postin' less because I go on runs then dry spells.  This past "dry spell" was precedented on a sign-in issue which I've had for as long as I can remember...  Forget which is which, but there's the bottommost "Sign in" (the lower one as a part of every thread), And there's a higher "Log in" (the smaller one at the very top left of the page).  As long as I can recall, I've only been able to sign-in with my screenname using that smaller very top-left of the page one.  The other one has never allowed me to sign-in.  But a few times in @ 4 years, I've still had issues with the top left one, here and again but perhaps only 2 or 3 times in total.  This was the case a little over 2 weeks back...Could NOT sign in at all.   After trying a few times for a couple days, I finally sent a shout out to the tech support people here.  Honestly, my message must have been THE worst and most confusing ever:  Didn't know if it was sign-in or log-in, recently changed my Comcast Bundle (with their e-mail as the only one I use) to DirectTV (and have yet to do an e-mail off them/AT&T)...Didn't even know what or even fully how or why the problem was occuring...  Lmao, No way to contact me back (no e-mail). 1 day=Fixed. ...And they didn't have to.  Why would they have to?  It's a free account for 1 single messageboard Patriots Poster.  In this day and age, ya don't get this sorta service and simple consideration for 3/4's of the services and goods that you actually DO pay for. In the meantime (before the issue was resolved), I was surfing the web after I randomly Googled some cryptic reference Rusty made about a New Jersey Mom, Tanning and C3PO...?  Ya know, WhatTH's that...had to find out.  Only refernce that came back was on what appeared to be a sweet messageboard (yes woman with dark leather skin and C3PO eyes took her daughter in a tanning booth).  Anyway, while I'm reading the responses & replies on this particular web message page, I'm taken aback by how witty and downright hilarious these posters are on this board...  I'm goin', "Mayyyybe."  Then I begin seein' some image over and over about this poster being on probabtion (recurring picture of kitten in a cardboard box mock jail).  Over & over- "Probation for 36 hours", "Probation for 4 days", "Probation for 2 weeks," etc., etc..   Scr#w.......THAT.  Davedsone , you want an overly moderated board- GO for it.  Apparently you have NO idea...  This experience of mine just served to remind me just how absolutely suffocating it is to be on one (b/c I have).  Hate it.  A governing body is best when it governs the least.  I ABSOLUTELY prescribe to that doctrine.  Rule on top of Rule on top of Law on top of law...the only result is that those already established get a tad bit more leeway, and EVERY-one is lesser- there's less community because of this, there's less new and novel ideas en masse by ALL...More bad blood, More insipid and trivial ideas forwarded.  Just Awful. ~~ Take some responsibility.  It's in YOUR power to ignore people, report others (btw, I've never even ONCE), and altogether it's in your power to simply scroll right past some poster...  Rather than asking some outside overruling power to clamp down a bit harder on various (and very real) sc#mb#gs and trolls that attempt to incite you, Instead try to recognize that the power and say and sway has been placed in your hands.  Yes, it's far lesser power than a mod has who's in absolute control of everything...  But the payoff is having the uptmost individual freedom to decide for yourself who you'll read or respond to.  A good thread sabotaged by !d!ots is here & there, is the FAR lesser evil than having some random collective of persons flaunting their authority about whom can say what and when in an always fickle and ever ambiguous fashion.   These Pats Board BDC Mods have done what NO-one EVER does-  They've granted us far more authority to police ourselves and allow us the wonderful privilege to excercise large-scale freedoms of speech and expressions when, seeing as this is a private company's newspaper & web-page, they really don't have to 1 single bit.  Ya just GOTTA respect what they've done.  I've seen this board troll-free at length, and I've seen this board extremely overly moderated (after BDC shifted over from the old format to this one...it was-Bad)...  Trust me...please trust me: This BDC Board was a Far Lesser place to be on, to write on, and to enjoy.   
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    I like turtles?

    but, seriously I have the same issue. Actually the only way I can sign on is through the comments section of an article. I was wondering if the were trying to force people to read their articles  : p

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    Re: We need a Patriots board here on BDC

    what people need to do is instead of whining about whiners/trolls is to learn how to use the ignore button.

    Just click on the little man icon with the red "x".