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    I have no desire to soil my panties worrying about how the Pats might crumble and the Jets might morph into Goliath. I simply trust what my eyes tell me:

    A very good team,
    rested from a bye week,
    with one of the top 3 QBs of all time,
    playing at home...

    is going up against

    A good team,
    not rested,
    with a resolutely average QB,
    playing on the road...

    Can the Jets win? Of course. Any given Sunday, and all that.

    But the Patriots would have to suffer a major implosion (a la Cleveland) for that to happen. Possible? Sure. But I'm not going to spend all week worrying about it like a pansy.

    I expect the Pats to unload a can of whupazz on the Jets. And I'm going to savor every last moment until they do.

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    ditto the ditto
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    Clowns? Because die hard fans can't create some hype by stating that they think the Pats will win big?

    I think they will win big, by 17. And if they don't, then I'll come on here and eat some pie. How about that? And if they do, then you have to come back to the boards and keep your cake hole shut.
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    I just want to know if Woodhead and Murrell are going out as captains for the coin toss?

    Foot in mouth
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    I say we give all our humble pie to Adalius Thomas, since he seemed to really enjoy eating it.
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    That's a really nice pie btw...
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    In Response to Re: WE NEED SOME PIE:
    Dude, I'm done with pie and I'm done with testing the water and I'm done with anyone who thinks the Jets have a chance. I'm done with Rex, I'm done with LT and I'm done with a really bad Sanchez hiding behind his team. The Pats are gonna crush the Jets Sunday and whether everyone eats humble pie or shouts it out from the rooftops it doesn't matter, the same results are gonna happen. Pats 38-17
    Posted by Sam-Adams

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    In Bill WE Trust
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    I understand the thrust of your post, but what happens HERE doesn't determine the outcome of the game, and frankly, I think we are going to make 45-3 look like mercy.  The Jets aren't any better than they were then.  They aren't.  Pound the ball?  Running on Indy isn't exactly hard.  Nice post I read today, some tweet by a Jet fan after Sanchez threw like his fourth ball over a receivers head  "The Jets should send Sanchez to Iran and let him overthrow Amadinejad".  Thats about how good the Jets are. The other point to remember is before that monday night blowout, when everyone was still predicting a tight match and some thought the Jets were better, some reporter talked to Tom Brady and he said he had looked at the film with Bill B and had figured the Ryan defense out. Then we hung 45 on them.  I don't think he got it unfigured, he understands what to expect and has the tools to defeat it. Peyton Manning couldn't, but that was more due to not having the weapons.  It would be silly to pretend I don't expect a rollover just because Jet trolls may rub it in if we lose.  
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    In Response to Re: WE NEED SOME PIE:
    Fan talk is just that.. "fan talk".  No matter what we say or think, the game is played on the field, not won with words as Ryan and Jets' fans seem to think, and at the end of the day, that is all that will count.
    Posted by agcsbill

    well said.  For the most part, it's expected that Patriot fans will pounce on trolls - but I don't care for the patriots fans who; without cause, treat other patriot fans like trolls. To me, this behavior is worse than being a troll.
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    In Response to Re: WE NEED SOME PIE:
    Rusty, I think you have it right.  To add to it, I don't think last year's team was exactly complacent, just too many severe injuries too late in the season to overcome, i.e. Brady's cracked ribs and broken finger, Welker going down, etc.  This team, while beat-up all year, has found a way to plug the holes in the damn as good as they ever have done before. And Brady is playing as well as I think any QB has ever played, and healthy.   Anything can happen on game day.  Just ask New Orleans' fans.  But I don't think fans need to eat humble pie as if it will affect the game's outcome. It's not like any Pats players will be reading our posts here this week.  It's fun to get psyched-up about this team.  Why do we have to tone it down? It's not like we are posting at a rival team's forum (unlike some people we know).
    Posted by chrisakawoody

    injuries are a part of it, but leadership was missing too. It didn't appear that the Patriots wanted it last year.

    In addition, this year's team is very different from last mebbe it's not fair to compare this year from last year.

    I think the cleveland game was much more signficant re: motivation.  And I think it's mostly the newer guys who have shown more intensity and emotion vs. last year.
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    Rex:  "We're hungrier.  We need it more.  It's personal this time, just me against Bill Belichick."
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    Rex is pretty much ALWAYS hungry.
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    In Response to Re: WE NEED SOME PIE:
    Whoa, for a minute I thought that was a quote from Brett Favre, speaking in the first-person plural, right before he last drunk-dialed Jenny Sterger. You mean "humble pie"? Yeah, this game is not a push-over.  The damaged Pats' D-line vs. a strong Jets' running game is the weakest link for the Pats.  But then I think about all of the weakest links for the Jets right now and I know I will sleep just fine this week.
    Posted by chrisakawoody

    Chris...  name a game this season in which the talking heads DID NOT say there was some weakness on the Patriots which could lead to their demise in the upcoming game?  Then, when the game is played, that weakness is a non-factor.  Every team has a chink in the armor and the key is how all the other components of the team come together to negate that weakness.  The Pats, as a team, have done a most remarkable job overcoming youth, inexperience, injuries and changing lineups to get to 14 - 2.  The Jets may have more "name" players, but the Pats have the better TEAM!
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    In Response to Re: WE NEED SOME PIE:
    I think these characters above think the fans play on the team. Posted by BBReigns

    LOL, yeah your right, most of us had our pie early in the season listening to all the gloom and doom. i think we deserve to be confident and think that this team will beat the jests or anybody else that comes into gillette. man up and show support for your team
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    In Response to Re: WE NEED SOME PIE:
    In Response to Re: WE NEED SOME PIE : Agree with you and the original poster, this could be a lot closer than people think.  If the Jests pound the rock and play mistake free they could hurt us, also if we revert back to our old ways from earlier in the season and last season with 5 wide, 5 step drops their pass rush is going to tee off. If we play a balanced offense, I think Spikes, a healthy Mayo, an unsuspended Deadrick will be enough to beat and possibly annihilate them, but we can't come out thinking it will be easy.  This might be the toughest game we may have to play in these entire playoffs, some humble pie needs to be eaten by our players for sure.
    Posted by wozzy


    A pass first offense is a soft offense.  If Law Firm had been given 20+ carries against the Jets we would have won easily.  The Jets beat us using the same formula that we used to perfection in 3 Super Bowl wins; run the ball, control the time of possession and don't turn the ball over.  Instead we used our change of pace back (Woody) as our featured back, why?  Because he is good in the passing game.  

    Law Firm was averaging 5 yards a carry in this game, the only decent scoring drive we had all day featured strong running by Law Firm, we went away from the power run, the Jets didn't.  Throwing 45 times is a sure way to lose in the playoffs.

    All the lemmings who spout offensive stats to show how "good" we were this season ignore one simple fact, all three facets of the game work in unison. 

    Power running is the only philosophical difference between these Pats and the teams that won rings.  We've become soft.  Last years Super Bowl with two finesse teams was the exception to the rule, not the norm, both the Saints and Colts (dome teams coincidentally) had to win out the regular season to continue on in the playoffs, the league hasn't changed at all; the team that can run and plays defense wins.

    Until we regain the true grit that made us a dynasty, which means pounding the rock, we'll continue to have early exits from the playoffs.  

    A pass first, finesse team is a soft team; we used to make fun of Indy for the very same characteristics that some fools here seem to be infatuated with, fantasy football stats have no bearing on playoff toughness.  

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    Lessons were hopefully learned by some of our fan base.  We can love our team and expect them to win, but lets not be so cocky and arrogant to think the Past still lives in the Present.

    After this game, it does not!

    They are not elite in stature.  They are still an annual contender but they need to improve in several areas, even if its minor.  Its ok to admit that they are still transitioning to a new team. 

    Im deeply disappointed in their preparation. The Jets were ready and the Pats weren't.  This in itself is "un-Patriot" like. That doesn't mean they can't win it all in 2011. I just tihnk we need to be a little more realistic and hold the team to the fire of reality a little more than running our mouths in arrogance as the Jets ran their mouths in proclaimng victory before the game.

    Both attitudes are wrong.  Its been my mantra: Respect the opponents. You dont have to like them or kiss their butt, but you must respect them.

    I can't wait for March 1. and see what happens with our FA/ RFA... 2011 will be an interesting one, but I'm excited!