WEEI: Michael Irvin every Friday, Jones/Edelman every Monday

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    Re: WEEI: Michael Irvin every Friday, Jones/Edelman every Monday

    Really cool WEEI has an app for audio streaming. Nice to get a touch of home here in Houston.

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    Re: WEEI: Michael Irvin every Friday, Jones/Edelman every Monday

    In response to NoMorePensionLooting's comment:

    You are who you are. Your over the top insults on your Hernandez rants were over the top and completely uncalled for, psychotic if you will. Telling people to F off is simply a reappearance of your childish and boorish personality behavior on display yet again, grow up.

     Socrates once stated  “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”  All too often that tactic is used here when intelligence fails some. Calling people trolls is another.

    You should lay off writing a bit and work on your decency skills and practice becoming a Man instead of a Manginna. Although your repeated childish rants have convinced me that you will never be one.

    I admitted to being wrong about Hernandez....insulting people over that debate is a fabrication on your part. Yes, I DO at times insult people...like when they have nothing to offer to a thread, and muddle it by bringing some off-topic nonsense into a football discussion because, I don't know, they are starved for attention? Simply find pleasure only in arguing?

    I'm fine with who I am....I don't have an entire board disgusted with me and wishing my screen name would disappear. No, that's ok, really it's EVERYONE ELSE, not just you. That's reasonable.

    Quote Socrates all you want, it doesn't make you any less of a despicable poster in this forum.

    And, 'BTW', read your own story. As YOU quoted it, IRVIN'S DEFAMATION SUIT was dropped after being settled out of court. Your quotes, not mine. Maybe you should take a few days off from typing and work on reading comprehension. Or "conversation for dummies", as you rarely (I'm assuming you have, and I just haven't ever seen it) can enter into a discussion without making it all about you and some absurd argument. To that end, congratulations, you've done it again. You made it all about you. Yaaaayyyyyyyyyy!