WEEI: Ryan Stinks in Defeat!

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    Re: WEEI: Ryan Stinks in Defeat!

    Maybe it was because Sanchez doesn't study as much film as Manning
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    Re: WEEI: Ryan Stinks in Defeat!

    Much like Rex's wife I say the Jets have at least 3 holes to fill in the offseason
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    Re: WEEI: Ryan Stinks in Defeat!

    In Response to WEEI: Ryan Stinks in Defeat!:
    Sexy Rexy put his foot in his mouth when he guaranteed a Super Bowl.  His twinkle-toes will not even get close enough to the SB to even stick a little pinky toe in the water.  His foot-soldiers are marching off to ignominy in their flip-flops. Phat Rex looked like he must have been thinking about his wife's soft instep during that crucial moment when with a first down at the goal line, 4 chances to get it in the end-zone, his QB didn't know what plays to run, because Rex was all feet and toes and anything goes instead of keeping his head in the game instead of his head on feet: he choked up as a coach right there, coughing up the game right in front of the gods and everybody. I'm all for foot fetishes and all that, whatever turns you on, not that there's anything wrong with that, you know, but to catch a bad case of hoof/mouth disease during a crucial moment of the game? Well now he has all off-season to put one foot in front of the other, work on those YouTube vids and massage his wife's feet and suckle on her toes. We'll see how his act plays out in the off-season now that the Jets have coughed up another AFC Championship game. My feet are singing, You make me feel like dancing. *  Special thanks to Wes Welker for inspiration.
    Posted by RajonRondowski

    Why do you denigrade and vilify everyone who loses a game with the choker label, RR?  Pats and BB, Rex and Jets, next, no doubt whichever coach/team that loses the Super Bowl.

    Your handle really should be RageOn, RR! 

    Just sayin' Rage, that you might seriously consider seeking some professional assistance in the anger management area.  

    Also, just curious, did you get some sort of prior patient fee for referral of BB and Tom on their lobotomies re your other senceless prattle post?

    Gotcha depicted right hear, Rage!!!

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    Re: WEEI: Ryan Stinks in Defeat!

    I wonder if Rexxie Ryan is feeling conflicted in an "it hurts so good, stop it some more' kind of way?

    The Steelers walked all over the Jets and left their footprints all over the Jet's dashed hopes for a Super Bowl.

    On the one hand there were feet involved, but on the other hand those feet were stomping on the Jets.  OMG, I just thought of something . . . some people get off on stuff like that, isn't it called BDSM or something like that.

    It just keeps getting more complicated with Rexxie.

    Keep it clean, kids, keep it clean.