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    I borrowed this idea from texaspat's "weekly picks" segment. figured we need one place to vent and rant AFTER all the other games and teams each week. meaning mostly about the colts and jets. Will aim to have it done by some time on MONDAY, unless the pats are playing!

    1. GREEN BAY covered 10.5 spread versus Detroit.

    Just don't get y the entire country must be subjected to the "who is detroit going to lose to this thanksgiving" sweepstakes every freakin year. y can't they do a rotation or end this TURKEY at some point? y on earth was stafford exposed to more unnecessary injury when they are going nowhere and you have a Culpepper available to lose as good as anyone else? The guy left on a high from beating the browns in legendary fashion, only to come back to Earth with 4 INTS. What did GB ever do to Favre to be punished by Goodell with a trip to God-forsaken Detroit? Aaron Rodgers is truly impressive. Give that boy an OL and you have something cooking. Unfortunately, GB will be losing to the Ravens and staying home to watch Favre show up through the SB! 

    2. Tennessee "covered" in a Pick-em versus Zona. 

    Picked Zona assuming Warner would be playing. Good thing he did not due to his concussion side effects. Hope he takes the next couple of weeks off. Leinart has not developed much from his USC days. Vince "the Black Elway" Young just rubbbed his face in it again. Vince, as of now, is in contention for top 10 QB in the league. He does it in his own way but very dangerous and efficient. had 387 yards and only rushed for 8. he can still run when it is there as he proved in previous weeks, but clearly has no beef staying in the pocket and making all the throws! That Hall of Fame run may indeed be in reach. Picking TN to BEAT Colts this weekend. Colts finally run into a team that can pull it out if they get the ball last!   

    3. Jets covered the 3.5 spread in beating Carolina.

    Wow, I think Delhomme just threw another INT while I was typing this. They better get in the Charlie Weis and Jimmy Clausen games and think seriously about offering a trade package to the Pats for Brady this offseason! Nice, dumbed down game plan for Mr. Sanchez. They will get great dividends for the efforts next year. Revis shut down another stud receiver in limiting Steve Smith to  one catch for 5 yards. Jets are in a great position to make a run in the next few weeks. Do not be shocked if they are are the team that finally knocks out the Saints from their undefeated porch. Too bad I did not get to see the weeping fat guy again this week!

    4. Colts covered the 3.5 spread over the Texans.

    was certain the colts would lose to the texans. How many times can the great Peyton keep pulling this stuff out? 5 times in a row, they have come bak in the 4th quarter. A record! This may be the greatest, most incredible stretch by any QB in history. This guy is as close to a one-man team as there has ever been! As of now, he is the THIRD best QB, behind Favre (league MVP) and Brees. Against the Titans, once they fall down, I don't see them coming back up. Hopefully, Fisher will wear his Peyton uni to the interview with his victory cigar! Hopefully, the refs won't steal this one away with another phantom ball-placement strategy or phantom PI call or other shanenigans!

    5. RAVENS covered the 2.5 spread over the STEELERS.

    I must admit when I saw Donna Dixon out there, I immediately assumed it was all over. But the kid impressed me with his athleticism, poise and arm strenght. However, you can't teach experience. Had Ben played, steelers win. good thing, as with warner, that the emphasis is now on protecting players from themselves and in the case of Hines "idiot" Ward, from their own block-headed teammates. Hopefully, he will take the next 2 weeks off too. Want these guys to have a great life after the football thing is over. What's the point of dressing him as a 3rd QB though? Ravens should finish year at 10-6 (may lose to the steelers in the rematch) and NOT make the playoffs. Steelers are TOAST. Tough schedule. Tomlin had me almost peeing my pants when he threatened to "unleash hell on the league the rest of the year". When do the 49ers play the Steels in the Ultimate Coaching Intimidation Bowl? Tomlin vs. Singletary, no-holds barred!

    6. VIKES covered 10.5 spread versus BEARS.

    Me thinks Lovie is outta there after this year! They better kick the tires on Cowher or just find a 5-wide type of guy like a Weis to play along with Cutler. You cant trade for a Cutler and force him to run Kyle Orton and Rex "the Gross Man" plays or with their personnel. He need reals receivers and a real OL. Hester's first precise route will be his first! Favre is the MVP. Like he had an IQ transplant. Theirs is now a passing team, Favre sets the pace. AP is just too unpredictable with the ball in his hands in terms of fumbling. Favre has 26 TDs with only 3 INTS, plus completing over 70 percent of his passes and leading the league in QB ratings! Come playoff time, Favre will be the decider. Vikes should beat the Saints in the NFC finals! 

    7. COWBOYS covered 13.5 spread over OAKLAND.

    If Bruce Gadkowski is the answer, I want new questions! or different guys coming up with the answers. TN"s Adams buds in and gets a vintage Vince Young. Dumb AL imposes and he gets rid of a jeff garcia, in favor of his former Tampa backup and Jamarcus "the new Jeff George" Russell. 10 cent brain, golden arm. I am not a Romo-sexual, but I am impressed with how he dominates amongst mediocre teams. Give him Seattle, detroit, cleveland or the raiders and he's an all-pro. He's the ultimate tease. Boyz will make the playoffs and may win the first series but will get BOMBED in the next round. no, Roy "the bust" williams, you are not the #1 receiver.

    8. GIANTS could not cover or win versus the BRONCS.

    something's amiss with the jints. they wont make the PLAYOFFS. they are not playing with passion. broncs just wanted it more. Eli has drastically regressed. that team will have to be rebuilt.

    9. FALCONS won but could not cover versus the BUCS. 

    Josh freeman will be a stud in a year or 2. he makes all the throws and is very poised. Ryan is out and so will the Falcs playoff gasps. Like what chris redman has done. Who would have thunk it? he's actually the better ex-raven QB in comparison to Klyle Boller! Must respect what the pats have done in the BB/TB era, to win and compete year after year. Colts winning a record 11+ games for straight 7 years is also up there. Falcs get there once and just can't sustain it. call it the "loser Gonzo" curse. the guy has NEVER been to the show or WON!

    10. BUFFALO upset the DOLPHINS. 

    TO, TO, TO... wonder what role he played in getting Jauron tossed and Edwards banished to the bench! New coach Perry and QB fitzpatrick know what butters their bread... go deep to TO. thought he was washed up, yet has 300 yards in 2 games with a ton of catches and passes thrown to. would be great to see him in Foxboro next year, paired with Moss/welker and the youngies. Dolphs are in store for another buttt-kicking as pats take out their rage on them. have feeling ricky won't finish that game!

    11. Bengals win but can't cOver against BROWNS.

    moral victories are the only ones browns have now. Quinn is what he is. what i thought he was, i won't crown him. detroit is still detroit. he is very inaccurate.. SURPRISINGLY! could be a career backup type. i actually would keep eric mangini around next year, with a holmgren to oversee things. they have talent issues everywhere. with all those draft picks, things could be soon corrected next year. 
    will like to quinn get another run. Derek Andersen, on the other hand, just STINKS! Who here thought Larry Johnson was washed up? had his first 100 yard game and was a horse. When Benson comes back, that team will be one step ahead of the pats in their elite status! will likely finish with the better record.

    12. SEATTLE covers the 2.5 spread versus RAMS.

    when I saw that Kyle "the dancer" Boller was starting at QB, I figured Rams were toast!  When healthy and upright, Hasselback is still a premier QB. 

    13. EAGLES win but don't cover versus the SKINS.

    EAGS simply pass too much and have too many mediocre RBS. Mcnabb is mediocre and very inaccurate in the red zone. What was the point of signing Mike "mad dog" vick? Skins are methodical but a lousy closer. Hope Zorn is only renting! the entire organization must be rebuilt. The saints will TORCH them!

    14. SAN DIEGO torches KC.

    philip Rivers may now be the 4th best QB, with brady falling all the way to 4th after his stink-bombs last night. With Tomlinson being reinvigorated, and the defense stepping up, they will be a force to reckon with. At this time, I am picking them to face Colts in AFC finals. What happened to Matt Cassell? Poor guy is running for his life all game, no OL or running game! few athletes!

    15.  SF beats up on Jacksonville.

    Jacksonville is the most enigmatic team in the NFL. That coach should not be renting either. Been impressed with Alex Smith. They should give him a run next year too. Jax will not make the playoffs!  Vernon Davis is a stud.

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    i think the titans have the best shot of beating the colts this weekend. however, saints have the far better chance of going undefeated. poor pats.. our winning streak record in reg season is likely to fall by indy if they can beat TN this time around. our undefeated 16-game records are doomed to fall. like our entire dynasty just crumbled. we are now the middle of the pack, others are now the "geniuses" and best there is...
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    I think it would be fantastic if both N'awlins and Indy went 16-0 so that that particular milestone could be relegated to the Department of Meaningless Effluvia, where it belongs. Ultimately, what the Pats got for their undefeated regular season and subsequent bowing before the final curtain early in 2008 was a nice, shiny AFC Champions trophy (and some money), just like they got after the 1985 and 1996 seasons. Nice. But what people remember is that you lost.