With little chance to earn a buy into the play offs, baring a total collapse by Huston or Denver, there is little insentive to put anyone at risk in the last two weeks of the reg. season. Rest every one, play all back ups. There may also be an upside to droping to the fourth seed. In two meaningless games coming up for us. we have a good opportunity to rest the walking wounded and start preporations for the play offs. Plus as it stands now, the Pats would host Cinci or Pitt , then travel to Denver, as opposed to droping to the fourth seed and hosting Indy and then traveling to Huston. Would much rather host Indy than Cinci or Pitt. And think Hustons home field advantage would be less than Denvers especialy after our beat down of Huston.

This senario also has the Ravens matching up against either Cinci or Pitt, and the winner traveling to Denver. This I see as all brusing battles that will take their toll in injuries. And IF and that is a big IF Cinci or Pitt (Pitt is getting healthy) get lucky, and we beat Huston, the AFC championship game goes threw Foxbourough