In Response to Re: Week Three NFL Picks and "Game of the Week":
In Response to Re: Week Three NFL Picks and "Game of the Week" : LT has yet to show he's lost it.

RESPONSE: Surely you jest. I understand that its' a hard fact to accept...but he's another Shaun Alexander, and is injury prone. The Bolts are clearly a better team with Darren Sproles in the line-up.

Health at the beginning of the post season is the goal. Merriman, like Brady, is coming back from serious injury. Both are showing flashes of past success, but, are not there yet- especially Brady. Anybody can see he's off.

RESPONSE: Merriman's problems aren't so much physical as they are mental. The guy is a primadonna, and a nut job. Is there any wonder why the Bolts used last years' #1 pick on DE/OLB Larry English? GM Smith can't wait to be rid of Merriman. It was telling that he was not selected as a team captain.

Sproles will tagged or long term tendered, period.

RESPONSE: No telling how long Sproles will last. The Bolts must rid themselves of LT, and get a compliment for Sproles. Clearly, Jacob Hester is not the answer.

Gates we'll see.

RESPONSE: Gates is getting old, and injuries seem to slow him down every year.

Williams is  a concern. 

RESPONSE: Williams appears to be done...except perhaps as a spot player. 

I would much rather have SD, then, an inexperienced for/in the postseason Patriot roster. Wilhite is proving to be Hobbs like. To say things over and done with after just 2 games for either SD or NE is Jet lingo.

RESPONSE: The Pats have nothing to do with this discussion. They started to rebuild their team gradually. I feel much more confortable with the direction of the Pats with BB in charge, than I do with the direction of the Bolts, coached by Norvice. Remember, the topic being discussed is whether the window of opportunity on the Bolts has closed, or is close to closing.  

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     Sorry Bolt. But if your boys don't get it done this year, it doesn't look real good thereafter. Keep in mind, that I haven't even scratched the surface talking about their problems on the OL.