Week Two NFL Picks and Game of the Week

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    Re: Week Two NFL Picks and Game of the Week

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    If you are going to pick the fins over the colts, I don't know how you can pick the pats over the jets. 
    Posted by underdogg


    I agree that Miami over the Colts would be a mild upset IMHO. I am basing my pick on the following fctors: 1/ historically, when Miami is a playoff team (i.e. been to the playoffs the previous season and/or seen as strong enough to make the playoffs in current season), they have a tendency to achieve victory in must-win games at home; 2/ Dolphin Stadium can rival Arrowhead in decibel level for this type of game, unless the Colts can strike quickly and build a big lead early - crowd noise will only get worse as the game wears on; and 3/ South Florida humidity (in combination with the heat) has a tendency of wearing out visiting teams by the beginning of the 4th quarter.

    However, that's simply my opinion and why the games are played.
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    Re: Week Two NFL Picks and Game of the Week

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    That Tom Brady is a real class act huh?Big baby-Jets win a laugher-You heard it here 1st gang!
    Posted by LovelyLeon

    Yes, Leon...it will be a laugher...so why don't you come out of the closet of denial and join us in laughing at Buddy Ryan's dumber son as his team cannot keep up with New England....we know your real wish is to belong here...so admit your long held admiration for our glorious franchise and root for it to win big vs. the Jets....
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    Re: Week Two NFL Picks and Game of the Week

    In response:

    Miami could very well beat the colts, but it was simply my assertion that if the pats who played poorly at home against a non-playoff caliber team who just fired their OC are picked on the road against an impressive jets team who demolished the pundit loving Texans in their home, then at the very least the case can be made that the colts, who won and held MJD under 100 yds rushing (without bob sanders), controlled the game and clock although the score was close, can beat the fins who were offensively anemic against a Falcons defense that has 5 new starters. 

    And I don't buy into the emotion thing - especially with the pats.  This defensive team does not even closely resemble the pats d's of the past who everyone knew could effectively use emotion to play well.  Now that may happen, but I don't think it is a known at this time.

    Back to the colts -

    Both TP and B make good points -
    1.  Gonzalez is down so Wayne can be doubled, but the same was available to the Jags and Wayne still went for 10 and 162 with a TD.  Are the fins somehow smarter or better in the secondary than the jags?
    2.  Special teams have been an achilles for the colts which is why we have a new ST coach.  We also have a new punter who pinned the jags at the 1/2 yd line last week.  Additionally, I believe (we shall see), that the elimination of the wedge should help the colts kick coverage team. 
    3.  As it turns out the colts are actually younger than the fins and the second youngest team in the NFL.  http://www.operationsports.com/forums/pro-football/355408-something-interesting-oldest-youngest-nfl-teams.html. Plus, I believe we have more depth on the D line than ever.  Ed Johnson who was suspended the first game is back adding depth and putting a starter back in the line up.  LB will be a concern in terms of depth, secondary - no. 
    4.  Humidity/Noise/Must Win at home - All are valid.  Other than the humidity, the other things are things the colts have faced (like the pats) everywhere they have gone because of their year in and year out success.  They should handle that without issue.

    I like the colts.  I also happen to like the pats.  Their O is what needs to deal with the noise of the crowd and the emotion and shifting of the Ryan defense.  The O for the pats is what will carry them this year and like the colts they've handled such before.  Also, Belichick's D always eats rookie QB's like mongo eats beans, and even with this unit that likely lacks a lot of continuity, he'll get them to play Sanchez well. 
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    Re: Week Two NFL Picks and Game of the Week

    No greater rivalry in the NFL than Pats/Jets??  That is funny.  When was the last time the Jets were relevant?  Completely myopic statement, the rest of the country does not care at all about the Jets/Pats and all the media driven drama that surrounds it. 

    To your picks.... I think the G-men will handle Dallas, Indy will beat MIA, the Pack will crush Cinci, and I think the Skins will cover vs. the Rams.
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    Re: Week Two NFL Picks and Game of the Week

    OK I think did pretty well last week --13 out of 15--Super Mario didn't do his job and what happened to the Cardinals?? Thank you Josh.

    Raiders over Chiefs--Seymour and Vabel should have some fun dissing BB
    Titans over Texans--I'm done picking the Texans after last week. Does Kubiak know how to game plan at all!
    Pats over Jests--Hey, Rhodes, make sure you're available to help kerry-opps I mean-carry your QB off the field.
    Packers over Bengels- Chad's act must really get on Palmers nerves!! Too bad one of the better qbs is stuck on this team
    Viking over Lions--nothing to say about this game
    Saints over Eagles- If Reid puts McNabb in this game, he must want him benched for good. a broken rib??  ouch that hurts?
    Falcons over Panthers--Matt  is just better the Jake.
    Skins over Rams
    Jags over Cards--for their their third straight win against the Cards
    Hawks over 49's--go Mora go!
    Bucs over Bills--can the Bills get back up after that loss.
    Broncos over Browns--Again I'm predicting 3 straight wins for the Broncos
    Ravens over Chargers--Sorry JBOLT!
    Steelers over Bears--can't tell you how much I like seeing Cutler throw interceptions
    Boys over Giants--They just can't disapoint 100,000 fans
    Colts over Phins--Hey Joey you didn't look to happy on the NFL network the other day. LMCLAO!!!!
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    Re: Week Two NFL Picks and Game of the Week

    In Response to Re: Week Two NFL Picks and Game of the Week:
    I like your picks Tex, but I have to disagree with you bigtime on the Dolphins.  I'm down here in Florida and I watch the phins game against the Falcons, the Fish have no offense.  They are paying the price for not drafting or picking up a WR.  Their game plan is pretty much short passes and gimmicks and  Pat White is a bust, he missed a wide open Ted Gynn, but he's been awful since day one. The Colts will be all over this overrated D, because people don't realize how important Matt Roth was to this D last season.  The Colts will put up some points on this weak secondary and the Phins just cannot be expected to come from behind.   The Dolphins special teams is still a disaster, so I expect the Colts to win by at least 10+.
    Posted by Grogan77
    Are you sure about that, I am going to Las Vegas Tonight. I am parlaying the Steelers, Pats, and maybee Indy Or Seattle
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    Re: Week Two NFL Picks and Game of the Week

    Prepare for some upsets, boys. This week has a few. 

    Pats Vs. Jets in NY, NJ. 

    The Jets bring their mighty blitz to face a NE team that struggled on all three sides of the ball against the Bills in Foxborough. Brady and the offense didn't look like the NE offense until the final two drives. I think that was the awakening of the Patriots. The defense even came alive after those two drives. They got as many sacks on the last drive as they had all game.(2) 

    The Jets offense isn't half as good as the Bills. The Safeties will be pulled up to the line of scrimmage to defend against the run due to the lack of a solid #1 WR on the Jets roster. 

    I might be a bias fan, but I have to go with: New England as the winners. 31-17. 

    Radiers Vs. Chiefs: 

    Simple, Richard Seymour rejuvenated the Black hole. The Chiefs don't intimidate anyone on any side of the ball. 

    Winner: The Black hole. 24-10 

    Texans Vs. Titans: 

    The Titans looked really weak against the Jets, but I think it was more a case of underestimaton than a lack of talent. The Titans have a really high powered offense. The Titans' D was picked apart by Ben Worthlisberger, Schaubs has better weapons and a better offense the the Steelers. 

    Winner: My AFC Central pick, Houston. 21-13 

    Bengals Vs. Packers: 

    The Bengals' D is back. The only sad thing is that the offense isn't what it once was. I think Carson Palmer misses T.J. more than he is letting on. Chad and Chris Henry are great deep ball threats but they won't get you that 5 yards in a 3rd & 5 situation. 

    Rodgers is a heck of a QB. 

    Winner: Cheeseheads. 34-21

    Vikings Vs. Lions: 
    The most explosive RB in the league versus the Lions' D that gave up 6 TDs to Drew Brees? I love Drew but 6 just shows a lack of defense. 

    Winners: Vikings. 35-7 

    Saints Vs. Eagles: 

    Drew Brees versus Asante means Asante will have a monster game. I think Drew will throw 1/3 of the amount of TDs he had against the Lions. 

    The Eagles have as explosive an offense as the Patriots if not better. They can beat you on the floor with Brian Westbrook and air it out with Air Mcnabb. The Saints D is just as shaky as the Lions D. 

    Winners: The American Birds. 35-14.

    Panthers Vs. Falcons: 

    The Panthers' D isn't as good as advertised and the QB woes mean an easy choice. 

    Winners: Black birds. 21-7 

    Rams Vs. Redskins: 

    The Rams have to be the worst team in the NFL. Easy pick here. 

    Winners: Skins. 24-10

    Cardinals Vs. Jaguars: 

    Cardinals just have the better team. 

    Winners: Cards. 23-14 

    Seahawks Vs. 49ers: 

    The Seahawks have a one dimensional team. They pass and the run is impotent. They only problem is that the 9ers' D is great against the passing game. Frank Gore is an absolute beast.

    Winners: The 49 in my name stands for something people. 49ers. 21-7 

    Buccaneers Vs. Bills:  

    The Bills have a better offense and defense than most people think. I don't think the game will even be close. 

    Winners: The Boy I Love Losing Superbowls. 42-7. 

    Broncos vs. Browns: 

    The battle of the Belichickens. Just because I hate the evil on, I'll go with the one that isn't a B@st@rd. 

    Winners: The Horses. 17-14. 

    Ravens Vs. Chargers: 

    Like the Patriots, I think the Chargers came alive when the saw their deaths infront of them. The Chiefs were also able to score 24 points against the Ravens. The Bolts have a better offense. 

    Winners: Bolts. 34-21 

    Steelers Vs. Bears: 

    For some reason, I think the Bears will win this game. I have to go with my gut. 

    Winners: Bears. 17-10 

    Giants Vs. Cowboys: 

    The Best DL in football versus Romo the H0m0. The Skins figured out how you beat the Giants last game. I think Romo wins out. He can put points on the board faster than the Giants because he can pass to Roy Williams to make-up a deficit while the Giants have to rely on Jacobs and the running game. 

    Winners: The Cowboys, big. 34-17 

    Colts Vs. Dolphins: 

    To beat Satan Manning you need to bring a really good defense, the Dolphins don't have one. 

    Winners: Horse shoes. 34-14