Welker Get Well "card"

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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    Awesome post!!!  Get well Wes...I know you'll pick right up where you left off.  You really did leave your heart on the field on Sunday. 
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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    mvp, multiple orthopedic surgeons were quoted today as saying that Welker could run and cut as good as new, as long as the rehab goes well.  I know many people personally that have bounced back from this injury and been very productive athletes.  If anyone can do it, Welker can.
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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    Let me tell you a story.

    My son is s huge Wes fan just as I am. I sent an e-mail that I hoped he'd see at least get to someone that may pass on my well wish. To make a long story short I actually got 3 replies. I believe it was from Mrs Welker. I gave her the link to this thread to show her how much Wes is loved by his fans. I asked her if she'd like the address to remain private so you wont get it from me. I guess this is a real card and what you write just might get read. What really classy people.

    heres the transcript of what was mailed...

    Good luck Wes,

    My son Phil just left for the military for his airborne training. Your his favorite athlete since you came to the Pats. I personally felt terrible for you. Heal fast and strong.

    Phil Sr and Phil Jr 2 of your biggest fans. .......

    Thanks, Phil. May God keep your son safe and bless you both. I will pass this on to Wes.

    Leland Welker

    here is a link for you too see how much Wes is loved. Thanks again for the reply.



    Wow! I don't even know what to say. That was very touching. Thanks for sharing, Phil.

    Leland Welker
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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    One more part of it...

    Thank you Ma'am. Theres many people that want to tell Wes their best wishes and don't know where to send e-mails too. Can I give this address or would you like them to send it somewhere else. I respect your privacy.

    Good luck to you and Wes and we'll be looking for you next fall on the field.

    I appreciate that, Phil, but I am getting ready to replace the PC I'm now using with a Mac. The process will take a couple of days and I can't keep up with emails now. I would prefer not to make this email address public at this time. I'm not that great with a PC and I sure don't want to offend anyone by not responding. I would like to ask everyone to keep Wes in their thoughts and prayers, as with your son. We have a lot of respect and admiration for all our military and pray for them on a regular basis.
    God bless,
    Leland Welker

    What else can you say to that???
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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    Philskiw, that is a great story, and thanks for sharing it.

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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    Here is a message from Wes, on his website (http://www.83foundation.com/):

    Dear Friends, Fans, and Family,

    I am writing you today to let you know how thankful I am for everyone's support though this trying time.  Your phone calls, texts, emails, and letters are greatly apprecitated.  I thank God for the people that he has put in my life to help me overcome this obstacle that has been placed in front of me.  Your thoughts and prayers are truly felt, and with no doubt will help me to a speedy recovery. 

    My good friend Tedy Bruschi text me the other day "there is no career without a comeback".  Although I know that it will take time to be the same player that I once was.  I am ready to face that challenge, and in time I plan on coming back the player I was and much more.  This is not the first time that I have faced adversity in my career, and it won't be the last.  I am committed to this football team and doing everything possible to make us better.  My teammates know my committment to them and I refuse to let them down.  Just how I know that they wouldn't let me down.  They are here for me, just like I am there for them.  Even though I won't be on the field this post season, my heart will be with them through every snap!

    I will continue to keep everyone updated on my status, and I thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless,

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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    Philskiw, great stuff.  One thing though...Leland Welker is Wes' dad, not mom.  Oops.
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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    Get Well, Soon Mr. Welker.

    Michael in Canada
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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"


    Thank you for sharing this post with the Welker family.. there were a few posts that veered from the "Get Well" wishes. Those who want to speculate about Wes's future, which is unfortunate, but for the most part, I hope that Wes and his family find the heart felt wishes from those of us who love him and wish him the best!

    I'm not sure why Wes's injury is affecting me the way it is, but I am having a hard time shaking the vision of him on the sidelines... frustration and pain on his face.
    My heart is filled with love for our #83.

    The last time I felt this way was when we heard about Tedy.. its funny, but if you look at the date I joined Boston.com it was Feb 2005...if memory serves me it was Tedy's health issue that prompted it.

    We prayed hard for Tedy and sent him our well wishes... We all know Tedy's story. He came back sooner than expected and was the same man we all knew on the field.

    Wes's situation will be the same.

    God Bless Wes, and God Bless your son, Phil, and all of our brave soldiers.
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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    I figured out the Dad thing later lol, oh well, nice guy regardless. Thanks for your best wishes for my son Mjrpatfan. Its nice to have guys like this on the team for kids to look up too. When I was a kid *carbon dating larry bird, bobby orr, Grogan and Yaz* there wern't thugs and criminals playing. Maybe a spit ball or something like that. But kids had someone to emulate for a good reason.
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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"

    I love you Wes. You are an example of how all NFL players should carry themselves. The rest of the guys have much work to do compared to you and I am talking in attitude and heart. It starts on the inside and shows on the outside.
    Team Wes!!!
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    Re: Welker Get Well "card"


    Watching you play with so much heart reminds me of when I used to cheer for my own sons and daughters in whatever sport they were playing.

    You are the epitome and definition of the saying, "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."

    I hope every kid who goes out for a sport emulates your spirit, determination, selflessness and grit.

    Get well soon.