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Welker Injury Update

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    Welker Injury Update

    Will we get one before August?
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    Re: Welker Injury Update-Good News (sort of)

    Here's a little someting. Worst fears confirmed but he is expected to make a full recover and be back for the START of next season which is great news.
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    Re: Welker Injury Update

    Looks like the exact same injury Brady suffered.  We had more than enough updates last year.  They don't necessarily guard the injuries on guys that are clearly out for the year (i.e.  Brady (knee); Adalius Thomas (arm)) come to mind.

    Let's do the math......4-6 weeks to let the MCL begin to heal...which it does on it's own....and for the selling to subside.  To be followed by reconstructive ACL surgery (mid February).  That puts him exactly 4 months behind where Brady was.  Despite Brady's infections/setbacks he was back for the minicamps and basically back full time for camp at the end of JUly, About nine month post op.  

    That means mid November.  Granted ans ACL reconstruction (graft) requires a requisite amount of time to properly strenghen.  

    My best guess, is that he will be on some sort of Physically unable to perform list.  Whether that means thaey have to make a decision by a certain timeframe....I don't know.  But I doubt they hold a roster spot that late and risk his career.  

    In all likelihood, he has that much more time to get strong for 2011.  Time will tell.   
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    Re: Welker Injury Update

    I gotta agree with schwank.  Count on Welker beginning the season on the PUP list.  He's going to miss the first month or two.  Wes makes some tough cuts out there.  As important to the team as he is, it would be even worse to put him in too early just to have him re-injure himself.  So unfortunately, we'll lose him for part of next season and then have to wait a few games for him to truly get over his knee injury.