that`s why belichick had them in last sunday`s game, no other reason. they were to play only 3 quarters to get 'rid of the rust' and to get tuned up before next sunday`s big playoff game vs baltimore. NOW, julian Edelmann and mathew slater were already oiled up and very ready to go, and therefore did not need to work with TB [tom brady] in the Houston. got it?  the thinking of the FO [belichick] was that IF...i repeat IF anything ever happened to WES or to Randy during a playoff game, then both Edelmann as well as Slater were ready and waiting to take there place pronto, and did not need REPS from TB [brady] in Houston as much as did the  rusty welker and moss did . that`s the only reason why BB [belichick] had his 2 top wide-outs on-the-field-in-houston-last-sunday. they needed to get rid of the rust. and it`s a good thing too that we had tom ready to go back into the game and SUB for hoyer, so he could FINALY PLAY a little CATCH WITH EDLEMANN. now, that`s what i call a GENIUS!