Welker Thread.

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    Welker Thread.

    For those of us who have moved on from the Welker situation and are ready to look forward, would those of you who still feel the need to opine over Welker please dump your comments in this thread exclusively.


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    Re: Welker Thread.

    There you go again - treading all over their First Amendment guaranteed rights to whine.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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    Re: Welker Thread.

    This thread is a pipe dream.  LMAO.

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    Re: Welker Thread.

    What if you have moved on, think Amendola will make the offense better than it was but still want to talk about Wes? Or his wife? Or his fiendship with TB? Or his humor that we will miss? And did miss because BB wouldnt let him joke on an open mike? Or what if we want to talk about whether our secondary will be capable of covering the three WRs on Denver? Or whether Welker will ever come bask when he gets old?

    Should we do that here? Is that what this thread is for?

    Does it include stuff aboutn Amendola or can we talk about him separately now?