Welker to Broncos?

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    Re: Welker to Broncos?

    This has got to sting Brady. WW going to ctach balls for Manning?


    The Patriots have to get someone else to get those 115 or so receptions every season now. 


    I see this move perhaps as a tell tale sign that the Patriots offensive scheme is changing. With Gronk and Hernandez beig about the best TE duo in the NFL (and hopefully being healthy), Edeleman getting more passes his way and Vereen also capable as a wideout at times, they seem to be headed with a new look. At least I am wondering. 


    They surely can't be done after signing Brady to this contract. They aren't going to pull the rug out from under him like is being done to Flacco (has any team like the Ravens imploded so fast for ONE player's needs?).


    With the free money, I think you go with an experienced WR and deep threat. Brady has one KEY lost weapon now. This team surely has to be considering Ed Reed and Pollard right now. How could you not? I also think they are going to trade Mallet for a pick or two. Are they considering actually moving up to grab Tavon Austin? 


    I can only guess. BB.....can anyone read this guy's mind? I've got to trust he's got something in mind. Could he be thinking about trading Ridley for picks and signing Steven Jackson? Jackson is a player he covets. He's has GOT to be drooling over Ed Reed + Pollard. Seems the Patriots have sat back and watched other teams clear house. These teams have cleared house because of big contracts to players that can be had at a cheaper price after their first multi-year contract runs out. With cash available for FA's you have to put most of it to a big time threat downfield. Right now I am guessing the Patriots are calming Brady down and perhaps saying "wait until you see what we're getting you!" or maybe Brady has known this would happen with Plan B known to him? 


    Big $$ on a WR now. Sign the rest of our UFA's. Make our secondary one that scares the socks off other teams. Sign Reed and Pollard. Trade Mallet and Ridley? I say we think about it. Don't forget Brandon Bolden, he's a very impressive runner. At first I was against signing Jackson but, now I am for it. I love Ridley but, BB hates fumbles. Vereen stepped it up. Woodhead, ou know what youre getting. Bolden is a quite capable and under rated back. 


    Not a big fan of Lloyd. I expected more. He is NOT the deep threat we need desperately.


    Amendola? Not sure. 


    Whatever happens, it's going to be interesting. But this hurts. This is a new chapter for the Patriots. The post WW era now. Big shoes and a big heart need to be replaced. Not necessarily easy things to find in the NFL. 


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    Re: Welker to Broncos?

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    This has got to sting Brady. WW going to ctach balls for Manning?


    The Patriots have to get someone else to get those 115 or so receptions every season now. 


    I believe that Hernandez will make a great slot receiver. They would still have the Gronk, Ballard and Hoosh as TEs

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    Re: Welker to Broncos?

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    Welker is gone.   I'll miss him as being one of the best Patriots ever.  


    Having said that, he has been paid 10's of millions of dollars for his services as a Patriot.   Now he gets a two year multi million dollar contract with Denver.  Good for him and I guess that's TS for us as fans.   


    One question I have is how high is high regarding these free agent signings?  I suppose we can say "well that's what the market demands".   This might be the case.  But doesn't the bulk of money that these players get come from TV Revenue?   This is the revenue that comes from advertisers who pay to advertise their products.  This cost is then passed on to consumers in the price of goods which in turn is paid for by us.    So I respect Brady for admitting that he as a Pro Football Player get's more than his fair share.  


    But all that asside, who is Brady going to throw to now?  I'm pretty confident that somebody will get open.  :) 






    Brady's favorite receiver used to be the open receiver; I'm sure he will get back to that.  Use the money we saved on Wes to shore up the pass rush and sign a safety (Reed or Wilson).  As much as I love Wes, I'm excited to see how this offense evolves.  Hern will play more of the slot with Gronk and Ballard in a two tight end set.  If Edelman can stay healthy(I know that is a huge 'if'), he, along with more targets to Lloyd and the tight ends, will surely make up for Wes's loss production.  Fear not, my fellow Pats fans.


     Lloyd barely catches 50% of his passes and gets zero YAC,  Welker was the league leader!

    Edelman, Hern, Gronk are always hurt.  Good job BB!  NOT


    Do you really think Wes is the be all end all?  Do you think BB is going to go into training camp with 2 receivers under contract?  It's the 2nd day of Free Agency for goodness sake.  


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    Re: Welker to Broncos?

    Can you blame the guy for leaving? I'm sure he just wanted to be around players with more class.  Because we all know what the "Patriot Way" is now.  Laughing