Welker vs Amendola Metrics

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    Re: Welker vs Amendola Metrics

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    A video still of a guy *actually* beating one of the best corners in the league on the fly on the sidelines isn't a fact???????????????????????????????????????


    Now you are just being intentionally obtuse. 

    It's a fact .... Amendola made that catch. 

    Please show me a video of Welker running that route aganst a corner of that caliber, and against a corner who hasn't made a brain f@rt and covered the wrong reciever or sat in zone when he should have been in man. 

    Show me the fact that Welker could do that to Peterson.

    Welker was an amazing slot. 

    He couldn't run through and past Peterson like that. 


    OMG!! It's one play dude!!! I'm pretty sure the best players in the league get burned from time to time.  You act like Amendola is doing that on a consistant basis!!  He isn't!!  I can not believe this!!  Seriously, are you really basing this claim off of one play?  Since when have we been electing players to the HOF based on one play, photo's and opinions?  You guys are amazing!!



    i don't think anyone is calling amendola a HOFer because of that play. if i'm reading correctly, the premise is that he is more of a deep threat and has the ability to beat the best of CB's deep. enough of the non sequitur arguments, dude.



    People are basing his deep threatness (is that a word, lol) on one single play, yet he has zero stats to prove he can be any type of deeper threat.  Hey, we have seen several players come into the Pats who have the physical and athletic ability to be a deeper threat or be able to do certain things but it hasn't been the case.  Man, I feel bad for this dude, he has so much hype being put on his shoulder that he will look like a flop if he doesn't do all that is being expected of him.  Why not just let the guy come in and see what he can do before everyone talks like he is the 2nd coming of Troy freaking Brown.  Some of these same people on here did the exact same thing, maybe to a little lesser extent, when Brandon Lloyd became a Patriot.  While he had a fairly good season he didn't live up to the hype and expectations as everyone had thought he was going to do.   This place is simply amazing! 


    He has to pick up the offense.  He has to be able to read TFB and know where to be at the right time.  He has to be able to stay on the field, there are so many questions yet to be answered about him.  Like I said before, I hope this guy breaks all the receiving, yards, td records.  I hope he makes the game winning catch in the next 5 Patriot SB's that he helps the team get to.  Hell, I hope he is riding high on top of a SB parade float after each SB Victory!! But let's be realistic here.  He hasn't done anything as a Patriot yet and his career up to this point, well look at the stats.


    the same goes for welker and the broncos, but i'm sure the fans are still optimistic. he's a bigger, faster, player than welker with talent and he is coming into a better offense with more talent around him and a HOF QB. there is nothing wrong with patriots fans being optimitic about amendola. why do you have to be like rusty and argue such petty opion based issues tooth and nail?


    Optimistic??  Haven't you been following along?  Rusty has been on here throwing out ridiculous statements that aren't true.  And I am so tired of the better offense, more talent around him, HOF QB, sure, that is true but if people are going to lean on that then why didn't Lloyd have a much better season?  You would have thought with a better offense, with more talent around him, with a HOF QB he would have had a bigger, more productive season.

    To say that Amendola is going to come into this offense and be an upgrade over a receiver who in the last 6 years had over 1,000 yards 5 times, has had more 100 catch seasons over that span than any other player in NFL history is just being ridiculous.  Heck, Welker had 111 catches for 1,165 yards with Matt Cassel at QB.  Maybe Welker had a whole heck of a lot to do with making it a better offense, and making TFB better. 

    Some of these Amendola statements are absurd.  We don't even know if he can make it a full season.  We don't even know if he can get on the same page as TFB.  Just ask Ocho, Joey Galloway, Chad Jackson, and Taylor Price, all talented receivers, how that worked out.  Yet people are already saying he is going to be more productive then Welker, Really?  That's not optimistic, thats just flat out delusional.

    There is a big difference between Welker going into Denver and Amendola coming in here.  Welker has stats and durability to give those Denver fans optimism.  Here we all hope that Amendola can provide the type of production Welker did, I think he has the ability to help the offenses but it's the Rusty's of the forum who are telling us all that he already can, and he's even better... all without having the stats, the durability record or even having played a single down for the team.   

    And instead of listening to other forum members reasons for questioning the move we get bashed.  How dare we question BB, he can do no wrong.  How dare we not drink the koolaid!  We must be Welker lovers! We must not be true fans.  And then they throw out false facts to try and force their agenda down our throats.  Just take a look at this entire forum.  THread after thread, post after post, it's all the same. The same people (Rusty) doing doing this over and over.  The guy is a fraud.  

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    Re: Welker vs Amendola Metrics

    In response to Godvernment's comment:

    it's no secret rusty is a fraud... i think the majority of people here will agree with that. let the guy be miserable.

    I hear ya!