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    Hear me out on this one.  I love Welker as much as anybody, but I think they need to slap the tag on him and trade him.

    True we don't know what he is asking for in a new contract, but why not take that money and go get a WR that can win on the outside?  I was thinking Mike Wallace or Vincent Jackson.  To me that is what this offense is missing.  The TE's already roam the short routes over the middle.  Edelman is no Welker, but I think he is a good player.  I just can't imagine somebody with the talent of Vincent Jackson in this offense. 

    You also could take those picks and invest in the front seven on defense and in the secondary.


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    Re: Welker

    Sean, I have basicly said this as well with a little different take on the why. In my opinion this is how the WR situation should shake out.

    Offer Welker a 3 year deal (that keeps him here durring his remaining good years). Make the money a good offer but DO NOT overpay. If he wants a crazy amount franchise him and trade him.

    Go out and sign a WR like Wallace, Bowe, Jackson and Lloyd regardless of if they keep Welker. 

    Then you still have to draft a WR to develop.

    I think you can move on from Welker w/o too much trouble because of TE Hernandez is a Slot WR as much as he is a TE or HB.  He gives the Patriots all kinds of options.
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    Re: Welker

    outside wr is whats missing.  losing welker and gaining wallace = slot wr is what we are missing.  catch 22.  if you have both you win superbowl. 
    I agree though.  let welker go and get devone bess or draft a few slot wrs and let branch take ochos spot. 

    welker should talk to branch or givens.  You ain't catching balls like you are for tom brady
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    Re: Welker

    We don't know how a Wallace or V-Jax will perform with Brady. We do know how Welker performs with Brady. Chemistry is a very underrated thing to fans but it's extremely important on the field. Welker and Brady have great chemistry so when you post that question you have to ask, what can you honestly get for Welker? If it's not a 1st then to get Wallace you are not only giving money that would normally be spent on a WR you know works well with Brady (Welker) but you are also weakening your position in the draft for an unknown. With V-Jax, the rumor is SD is going to tag him so that will cost you 2 1st picks.

    It's a nice thought but if I'm spending that kind of money I want more of a known then unknown and I certainly don't want to give up a very cost efficient high pick for that unknown
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    Re: Welker

    The thought has some merit only because, just how many guys are you going to have that are targets over the middle? We have Hernandez and Gronk - you can add Welker to that equation as an over the middle target as well. I think the offense needs help on the outside.

    I'd only be willing to trade Welker if his contract demands become something that is unreasonable, because despite him playing a spot that we appear to have covered...the guy is a hell of a player that is so in tune to what Brady wants. However if it gets out of control I think they should go after an outside guy (or two) and then draft a slot receiver in the 3rd or so. 
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    Re: Welker

    In Response to Re: Welker:
    4 years 34 million for Wes If he rejects that then I'd take a pick in the 20's (NFC only, not helping a rival) or a 2nd rd pick in the 33-50 range. Hernandez and Edelman can grab 120 passes in the same areas on the field that Welker did Then we'd just need TWO other WR's who can replace the 80 or so passes Hernadez/Ocho caught, with both being more outside/deep threats
    Posted by rameakap

    NO WAY do I offer Welker that kind of money....3 year 6 mill/yr & a 2 mill sign bonus at tops...