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    who here had heard of welker prior to 2007? or gaffney prior to his stint here?  I think we ned to give the new WR's a chance and I beleieve that they have better physical skills than any of the 2006 WR's and it is argueable that amendoa has more physical talent than welker being that he is taller, has better hands, and is faster.  he can also play inside and outside.  I think our WR core is going to be fine. even our TE's i believe will not miss a beat once gronk returns.  Sufeld is looking great and Ballard was a former starter for the giants so we still have one of the best TE sets in the league.  Plus we have the best offensive line in the league with a great running game.  finally our defense looks good with the amazing CB depth Dowling finally being healthy is going to be great!  I can't wait till the season/camp starts

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    Re: welker

    Nate- at first I was dreading the new season, now like you I can't wait for it to start. Ready to put all the "stuff" behind us and get started. Looking forward to see what Brady does with all the new players.

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    Re: welker

    I agree we very well may have special players at the skill positions that just haven't got a chance yet, but most of us knew who Welker and Gaffney were. When they got Welker they were getting a good, young player that had not played with a good quarterback, yet had still put up good numbers in a terrible offense they year before. Gaffney was a second round draft pick for a reason and he had never really played with a QB like Brady either.

    This year maybe Amendola will turn into our Welker and Dobson will be everything Stallworth was supposed to be when we signed him 7 years ago. Stranger things have certainly happened...as we found with Hernandez. 

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    Re: welker

    Leave us not forget that this is a team that, by all rights, should (now there's a slippery word) have won the Super Bowl with old friend Reche Caldwell leading the team in catches.

    The Pats are going to be fine.




    Now you listen here! He's not the Messiah . . .   he's a very naughty boy!

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    Re: welker

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    Re: welker

    In response to TebowOwnsBrady's comment:

    In how many of these years where Welker was the leading receiver did we win a Super Bowl?