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Welker's Agent Screwed Up

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    Re: Welker's Agent Screwed Up

    In response to RidingWithTheKing's comment:


    You're missing the point:

    Once Welker rejected the 16 mil guaranteed last year, BB was ready to tag Welker for 1 more year and then move on.

    Welker was gone the second the clock struck 00:00 in the AFC Title game. They like Amendola, see the youth as a factor, and buy on the way up.

    I also think BB sniffed out the binky factor with Brady/Welker, similarly to the Brady staring down of Moss as Moss lobbie d Brady for targets in early 2010.  We lost games or couldn't move the sticks when that was going on.

    Sometimes the turth hurts, TFB12. You just have to be prepared for that and move on.




    I think BB had Amendola in town on Tuesday night with the deal in hand.  It could be argued that BB could have just told Welker to move on instead of going far lower than the 8 mil per deal he turned down, but it's clear the decision was made to tweak the offense for the better.

    The majority of the non Pats fans out there have no idea of how predictable our offense has been, which has been the root cause of this team not going to and winning SBs in the postseason.


    And bringing in a Welker clone "tweeks this offense for the better". Not eally !!


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    Re: Welker's Agent Screwed Up

    In response to RidingWithTheKing's comment:

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment:


    I tend to agree with jri37 here.  I think the Pats try to take all emotion out of it and decide based purely on value as they perceive it.  They are neither vindictive nor sentimental.  They just do what they think maximizes value for the team.  I do think they sometimes make mistakes--and Welker could be a mistake--but I don't think they were trying to stick it to him, just as I don't think they'd make a decision just to be nice to a good guy.  They focus on value and value alone and try to take emotion (negative or positive) completely out of the equation.


    Agree.  That's the other angle that is annoying from the media. the big meanie BB wanted to stick it to WW. It has nothing to do with that. BB and the Pats know the market as well as anyone.


    It's why they didn't race right out and sign Talib. Once it became clear the market woud be deep for Talib, why run into it. Look at Miami. Morons.

    Wes thought he was worth more because his productivity, consistency, toughness, staying healthy, etc, and those are all great pluses to sell yourself. But, the fact is, there weren't other slot WRs to push demand.

    He's wrong in thinking he's in line with what a handful of desperate teams would pay Mike Wallace.  And, I think Wes is MUCH better than Wallace, but that doesn't matter. The market is the market.

    Wes lost.  His agent might have possibly gotten him 2.5 less than he would have otherwise earned in hsi preferred place here in NE.  Denver could cut him after 1 season and only have rented him for 6 million.


    I don't get why you think Wes "lost" except for your weird obsession with saying people "lost."  He didn't get a giant contract, but that's because there wasn't one out there.  If he had taken the Pats 2 year offer last year, he would have ended up with just about the same he got by not taking it, but would have lost the opportunity to at least test the market this year.  All in all, Wes and his agent made a sensible decision and so did the Pats.  No one won, no one lost.  

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    Re: Welker's Agent Screwed Up

    In response to TFB12's comment:


    Wes Welkers Agent didn't screw up folks.  The Patriots did.  They were pretty much showing Welker the door.  If they wanted to keep him, they could have and would have.  They threw out a low number to say hey, we tried to keep him.  We made an offer.  And if by chance Welker accepted then great, it would be good insurance for Amendola who they signed earlier.

    If they were going to change the offense then it would make sense to let Welker go, but that isn't going to be the case since they brought in Amendola.  People keep saying Amendola is younger, well he will be 28, younger then Welker but not like he is 24.  Welker had stats piled high at 28, not the case for Amendola.  We all know the injury problems Amendola has.  If Amendola is such a good talent, why didn't the Rams want to keep him?

    Danny Amendola has 7 TD's in his entire career and 1 of those td's came on a fake field goal, a play that couldn't have been any easier to score on.

    Danny Amendola has the worst average yards gained per reception in NFL history for receivers over 100 receptions at 8.81  Welkers is 11.2

    Welker’s career catch rate (71.18 percent) and his yards-after-catch percentage (52.19 percent) are the highest-documented rates for any wide receiver (min. 400 receptions).

    Amendola is 66.89% and 49.65%.

    People will look at Amendola’s stats and note that he has often been saddled with Bradford at quarterback, who rarely pushes the ball down the field. The Rams have had putrid passing offenses with a lot of poor numbers for the rest of the supporting cast.

    Some feel Amendola has the speed to get deep, such as he did to start overtime in San Francisco last year. It was an 80-yard reception (thrown 37 yards in the air) to beat Carlos Rogers one-on-one, but it also did not count because of an illegal formation. That does not wipe out the skill displayed by Amendola on the play.

    But overall, Amendola had just five receptions on passes thrown 21+ yards in St. Louis.

    Bradford is no mad bomber, ranking dead last in percentage of passes thrown 15+ yards (12.5 percent) in his 2010 rookie season. Amendola had 85 receptions that year, but not a single one came more than 20 yards down the field.

    Though, does this not sound familiar? The New England offense, especially for the slot receiver, is designed for a lot of dink-and-dunk passing. It was for Welker, and Amendola may be used on even shorter routes.

    Right above Bradford as the second-least vertical passer in 2010 was Brady (14.6 percent). With a receiver not as polished or efficient as Welker, high expectations should be for a season like 90 receptions for 900 yards out of Amendola rather than the 120 catches for 1,462 yards that Welker has averaged the last two years as Brady’s No. 1 wide receiver.

    Read more here...

    And tell me who screwed up in this deal.



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    Re: Welker's Agent Screwed Up


    Again, I don't think anyone won or lost here.  I don't agree with Rusty that Wes lost, but I also don't think the Pats lost.  I think both parties do what they think works for them.  Sometimes what works for one works for the other and everyone is happy.  Sometimes, they just can't get to a mutually acceptable agreement.  In Welker's case with the Pats the latter happened and they went their separate ways.  No "winners" or "losers," just two parties that couldn't come to an agreement. 


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    Re: Welker's Agent Screwed Up

    Wes Welker is a little tiny football player, the kind that usually lasts about four games in the NFL.  He went undrafted.  After three years he got the low tender.  His agent got him $18 million from the Patriots.  Then last year Welker picked up $9 million.  This year grandpa will turn 32 in July, long after most other receivers are slow and retired, and yet his agent dug up another $6 million this year.  Furthermore, Welker landed with another smart quarterback who throws accurate passes, who won't lead Welker right into a charging 250 pound linebacker that often, which might prolong Welker's career even into 2014.    

    I see nothing wrong with the agent.