Welker's Comment says it all

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    Borges talks about the lack ot talent Brady talks about lack of execution Belicheck talks about them making more plays. - Wes Welker: "You work on one thing all week and you get something different." I think Welker's comment sums it up exactly.  The Pats were outcoached, plain and simple...and when you are outcoached execution suffers, you become desperate and you make mistakes.  This was apparent in the 2007 SB and it's brutally apparent this time.  The trouble is, that it's becoming a trend .  I'm not knocking BB, but something has been amiss the past few years, and it's not just the O-Line and it's just not a pass rusher etc and it's not just one bad game..... the trend doesn't lie....lately it's been a lack of preparation / coaching in the post season. I wanted to get your thoughts on this since I'm not seeing a lot of articles expanding on Wes's comments. Here's to next season!
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    What ticks me off is that thye used the same game plan against the Colts just one week beforehand

    Come on!

    Did the Pats really NOT expect to see that same stuff?
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    Re: Welker's Comment says it all

    Thanks for the link Rondo because it is spot on. Especially his take on the line play. It all begins and ends with the DL and the OL and lets face it they got outplayed for whatever reason.

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    Re: Welker's Comment says it all

    It is ridiculous to lay the blame for the loss on any one or two players/coaches. There were many mistakes, starting with the INT. With a defense this young you need to get a fast start. an opening drive TD would have changed the Jests perspective in the first quarter. And while Brady has had much better games, you cannot lay this at his feet. As much as I hate to do so, I have to give credit to Ryan's defensive strategy. They threw off the timing of the NE WRs and played great coverage. Most of the sacks and throwaways were due to coverage rather than pass rush. And I'd rather have Tom pat the ball in the pocket than make an ill-advised pass which gets picked. Then there were the dropped passes. This doesn't happen often, and can be partly blamed on the coverage. And there were some bad routes run as well, resulting in the ball not being where it neededd to be. As for the defense, we knew they were succeptable to the big pass play. When you have a multiple TD lead these can be absorbed. When it's late in the game and you're trying to catch up it's disaster. Sanchez playing with the lead was able to avoid bad throws, thus eliminating our D's ability to take the ball away. And I'm sure the coaching could have been better, but ultimately the plays need to be made on the field. Both units were put in unfamiliar and difficult positions by playing from behind. Maybe a more seasoned team could have pulled it out. But this team is too young, so opportunities were missed and mistakes were made. It's tough playing a team for the third time in any case. The coaches have more tape to study, and it seems Ryan did his homework. We've seen the potential this team has, and with all the picks in April it should only improve. They need to make this a learning opportunity. It doesn't ease the pain of losing to the team we all hate the most, but it is what it is. To make any harsh or hasty changes due to one game would be a huge error. They need to address some weaknesses (i.e. the pass rush and perhaps a deep threat WR), but this team is primed for success. Hell, we all were thinking they would be a mediocre squad back in August with all the young guys. Just making the playoffs was an accompishment. Dissapointing end to the season to be sure, but there will be 30 other teams who also finish the season disappointed!
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    Re: Welker's Comment says it all

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    In Response to Re: Welker's Comment says it all : Thinking the Oxygen may be a bit thin where you live.  Check your fingernails.  Do they look bluish?  Tell me, do you have a poorly ventilated wood stove?  Are you sitting in your closed garage with the car running while you type this?  
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    lol - good one :-)