Well we have 8 picks now

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    Re: Well we have 8 picks now

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    If it were me drafting now...I would try to use the 91st, 102 and 3 sevenths to move up as much as possible to get the best players.


    That haul could net you something like the 38th and 48th pick to go with 83.  That nets you likely one of the top 3 remaining receivers, and either a DT, DE, or DB to build around.  The 83rd I use on OL depth.

    I think what they do is a trade like 91st and 52 for 42 and 160 or similar.

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    Re: Well we have 8 picks now

    In response to PatsEng's comment:

    In response to anonymis' comment:


    The patriots either felt that the players they wanted as a #1 pick were already off the board and/or that the players left were not worthy of #29 overall pick, plus, very little flexibility going into the draft with only 5 original picks.

    It will only be a "good" move if they stack up on OLBs/DEs, DBs....and if they even make the roster, and can contribute 2-3 years down the line.


    That's what concerns me a bit. When you move down the draft usually it takes longer for a player to develop. Brady has 3-4 years left? Is it worth hoping to find a gem that develops in 2-3 years if Brady only has 3-4 left?


    This could be a good or bad trade. If it was for a top 40 pick this would be an excellent trade but in the back of the 2nd and 3rd it can be up for debate on whether the player they cold of had a #29 is better hen the 4 players they get from the trade

    I was actually hoping they would make a move up w/ their orignal picks....oh, well.   If the Patriots focus on some DE/OLB and DBs....they can compete in camp and maybe a gem will be found.