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We've Got Your Back, Bill

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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    After much of the smoke has cleared from this I find it funny how the coaches interviewed seem to agree with Belichick and the media (experts) does not.
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    In Response to We've Got Your Back, Bill:
         After reading several media accounts of how BB was an idiot to go for it on a 4th and 2 from his own 28, and how BB committed the NFL equivalent of hubris by so doing, my opinion on this controversy has changed completely. In my report card, I gave BB and his staff an "F" for going into what appeared to be a  prevent defense in the 4th quarter, and for the controversial play call. Let me now change that grade to a "G", for guts.       BB has made his mark as a coach and a GM by being unconventional. While an assistant with the NY Giants in 1991, BB was the architect of a defensive game-plan consisting on playing just two down lineman, 4 LBs and 5 CBs. It was used to slow down the then high-powered Buffalo Bills offense...resulting in a Giants' 20-19 SB triumph.        In 2000, BB took over the then lowly NE Patriots, and built them into an instant contender after just one year. He did this by the unconventional theory of signing mid-level free agents, rather than stars. His idea was to establish a strong middle-class on his them lots of depth to absorb injuries...while keeping their salary cap manageable.      During the 2001 season, BB again did the unconventional in selecting a young DE named Richard Seymour, while the so-called experts howled for him to take Michigan WR David Terrell. BB continued going against the grain when he stuck with a young QB named Tom Brady, instead of turning the reins back over to his injured veteran star QB, Drew Bledsoe.       BB's Patriots would go on to play the "Greatest Show on Turf" St. Louis Rams, in SB 36. In that game, BB again went against the grain, opting to basically remain in nickel coverage throughout the game. Then, with just 1:08 left to play, and the score tied at 17, with the ball inside his own 20...he went contrary to the TV booth experts by turning loose young Tom Brady to go for the win. The result, a great QB Brady led his team on an incredible drive for the game winning FG, giving the Pats a 20-17 SB Championship.      In 2003, BB signed veteran safety named Rodney Harrison from the San Diego Chargers. Harrison was thought by the experts to be washed up when BB brought him aboard. Then, on the eve of the season, BB made the radical move of cutting team captain Lawyer Milloy. Milloy would go to division rival Buffalo, and would help the Bills crush the Pats, 31-0. The Milloy move set the football media into a feeding frenzy on BB...only to see BB and his Patriots bounce back with a vengance by capturing their 2nd SB in three years...with a 32-29 win over the Carolina Panthers.       In 2004, BB again rocked the experts by adding an alleged locker room cancer, in veteran RB Corey Dillon...for a 2nd round draft choice. Dillon would respond with the finest season of his career, as he and Brady led the Pats to their 3rd SB title in 4 years...beating the Philadelphia Eagles, 24-21.       In the 2005 NFL draft, BB shocked the media draft gurus when he chose an unheard of OG by the name of Logan Mankins with his #1 pick. Mankins would go on to become a Pro-Bowl caliber guard.       In 2006, BB eschewed a torrent of criticism by taking a hard stance on the free agency demands of starting WRs David Givens and Deion Branch. Givens would leave for Tennessee, where he became a highly paid non-factor (due primarily to a severe knee injury). Branch ended up being traded to Seattle in a highly controversial move for Seattle's #1 draft choice in 2007 (which BB used to select budding star safety, Brandon Meriweather). Like Givens, Branch's career fizzled in Seattle, primarily due to a knee injury. BB signed retread WRs Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell...and barely missed out on another SB championship.      In 2007, BB again did the unexpected in taking on a supposedly "troubled", fading WR, named Randy Moss. The cost for Moss was a mere 4th round draft choice. Since joining the Patriots, Randy Moss has been a model teammate, a leader, and has regained his spot as being the best WR in the NFL. BB also spent what initially seemed to be a considerable sum of money...and 2nd and 7th round draft accquire restricted free agent Wes Welker from the Miami Dolphins. BB would also trade away his own #1 selection in 2007 to San Francisco for the 4th round pick, used to obtain Randy Moss, and for the 49ers' #1 pick in 2008...which was eventually used to draft star LB Jerod Mayo.       In 2008, while most Patriots' fans were screaming that he be cut, BB decided to keep back-up QB Matt Cassel. Cassel would lead the Pats to an 11-5 record, after taking over for the injured Tom Brady.       In the 2009 NFL draft, after an eternity of trades and trade-downs, BB would acquire the 34th overall pick for Matt Cassel (which was used to select promising safety, Patrick Chung) He also acquired current starting CB, Darius Butler, and budding star OT, Sabastien Vollmer. Like Mankins before him, no one had ever heard of Vollmer. Vollmer was widely referred to as a "reach", when the Pats selected him with the 58th overall pick. Next, BB shocked the football world again by trading fading star DE Richard Seymour to the Oakland Raiders, for the Raiders' #1 draft choice in 2011.       Finally, last night in Indy, BB again did the unconventional by going for it on a 4th and 2, from his own 28 yard line. Since this supreme gamble didn't work, the jackals in the media that despise BB have come out of the woodwork like roaches in an infested  berate, belittle, and ridicule a man, who might just be the greatest football coach of all time.      Ask yourself this. What if the Pats had been successful on the 4th and 2 gamble? What do you think the fans and pundits would be saying today? How many times would the adjectives "brilliant" and "gutsy" be used in sentences containing BB's name?       Please keep right on being your own unconventional self, Bill. Sorry about us Patriot fans over-reacting a bit. We've got your back, Bubba.           
    Posted by TexasPat3

    awesome post.

    All of those things were goin through my mind after the game, i had his back throughout. He has made plenty of questionable calls before that have led to huge success, this call was inches short... we move on to the jets. In bill we still trust.

    go pats:)
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    don't care about Bill's history. what's that got to do with this season, the here and now?

    Bottom line: BB blew the call and the game. QUite simply, punting would have given them far better odds to hold off Manning and win the game. Bill was too clever by half.

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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    "This was a very damaging loss for the Pats, in terms of playoff seeding."

    Yes the loss hurt but primarily because of the prior Broncos and Jets losses. Losing to the Colts at home is now shame - it's the accumulation of losses that put the Pats in a tough spot, but if they play well down the stretch they will be fine. I don't think the first round bye is a big deal for this team if they are playing lights out - though I'd obviously love to see it happen.

    " QUite simply, punting would have given them far better odds to hold off Manning and win the game."

    You can argue the call was bad and many do. But you can't argue it based on the odds. The percentages say it was better to go for it. The real problem is that there were a number of surrounding bad decisions and bad plays that amplified this particular call. I'm not mad about the call but the clock management in general was really poor. 
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    Forget this game and the play calling by BB. It's over and nothing can change that. The Jets game is all the matters now.

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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    In Response to Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill:
    In Response to Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill :      Would you still be of the opinion that BB "was wrong", or made a mistake, if the Pats were successful at picking up that first down?
    Posted by TexasPat3

    I agree with this more than anything but my opinion is they did pick it up. I'm not saying there's a conspiracy against the Pats or this is just another example of giving the colts the game I'm saying it was a bad call by the officials, if it wasn't they would have been all over showing it from all available angles like we know they have.

    If I'm wrong and there is a link to the opposite side of the field camera please let me know how to get to it.

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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    In Response to Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill:
    In Response to Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill :      I watched the replay...and, upon further review...1st down, Patriots!      Oh, well. This is just going to drive us all crazy.
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Is it from the same angle, behind Faulk? I see a lot of posts stating they seen different angles and I'm dying to see one despite knowing the outcome is the outcome. I really would like to know if it was a bad call or not. He had forward progress there's no disputing that. I heard Faulk himself say he didn't bobble it in the post game but I haven't seen that opposite camera angle yet.

    Believe it or not I have moved on to the Jets but I really would like to know if it was a bad call or not. It would also help the officials if it was the right call.
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    I didn't see the one I want but I did see a few different ones and it is clear it was a bad call. Nothing else but officials out of position trying to the right thing.
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    BB made the right call because he made it.  As fans let's just not question his decision making ability, three superbowl rings should be enough to trust his judgement.  it's certainly good enough for little old me!

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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    Great post TP, and BB is hands down the best coach in the league.  Is the call questionable, yes, but it did put his TEAM in the best position to win the game.  As you referenced the pundits - could you imagine a football team coached by Felger, Borges, Maz, Tanguay, Shank, Callahan, Buckley et al???  Now that would be humorous.  There is no accountability for these clowns.  Now not all professional athletes/coaches translate well into the media world, but many do - Aikman, Rodney, Dungy, Boomer (Esiason), etc.  Not even coaching but look at how bad Kornheiser was during his broadcasting days.  It is laughable that these guys paid the big $$ to be the "voice" of the fan. 
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    Anyone remember how long it had been since Manning took the Colts over 70 yards for a TD in under 2 minutes (without a timeout )?  Hint-There is time to spare on an egg timer!  It seems as though all of the media "experts" have short memories.  Thank goodness BB doesn't give a hoot about what people outside of the organization think.
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    In Response to We've Got Your Back, Bill:
    Awesome post TexasPat. Excellent proof points extremely well put !
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    TP, thank you for the thread. With BB all the way. There's no other coach I'd like to have running the Pats. I actually liked the guts, even if I wish the call had been better and didn't give the crappy refs the chance to be as biased as every time the Pats play the Colts. But never mind, we're with you Bill Belichick!

    I have rarely felt as disgusted by the Boston sport press as the last couple of days. I am glad that neither Robert Kraft nor BB care a whit about anything they have to say.
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    In Bill we trust! Coach made the right call.. Don't need to beat a dead horse... Smokingjoe you're dead on.. "it is what it is."

    Lets move on.. the road to the Superbowl starts this Sunday against their AFC East Rival. You better believe they are going to play with a chip on their shoulder... My prediction is they run they run the table the rest of the way!

    Lets go Pats!!
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    I have Patriots back even when the coach screws a whole entire drive against Indy. Luckily that game wasn't as big as the Jets and Miami game coming up.
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    Great post!  I was just thinking the same thing this morning. I'm behind BB's call all the way.  Just want to point out a couple of things:

    1. Don't forget the great BB call in 2004 (I think) on MNF when the Pats were up in Denver, down 1 point and backed up on their own 1 yrd line.  Instead of punting they gave Denver a safety and had room to kick off down 3.  Defense got he 3 and out - Pats got the ball back and only needed a FG to go to OT - but Brady ended up throwing a TD pass to win it!  We all LOVED it!!

    2. If the Pats got the yard on that play, once again we'd be talking about how he is the greatest coach ever - so remember it goes both ways (and BTW - I still think Faulk got the 2 yards... but anyway).

    3. Charlie Weiss was taking about the call in an interview and he said something like there is no way that was a spur of the moment call.  They had that call already drawn up if the situation were to come up. 

    Its good to see everyone finally coming around!!  Awesome stuff guys!!!

    GO PATS!!!
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    Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill

    In Response to Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill:
    In Response to Re: We've Got Your Back, Bill :      Its' amazing to see how out of touch the Boston sportswriters are with the Patriots' fan base. You would think that after John Tomase and the bogus spygate scandal, that they would be more in tune.      The media once again demonstrates how their agenda supercedes objectivity. The media template is that BB is a dour, arrogant, egotistical, cheating a-hole. So...writing an article which defends his unconventional gamble, and that credits him for having guts, is out of the question. 
    Posted by TexasPat3

    I was thinking along similar lines. The Herald is in "full Tomase" and the Globe, save honorable exceptions, is half way there. At least, I believe they will have no impact on the coach and the team, except perhaps bulletin board material. That used to come only from the other team.