What (2) FA do you want the most?

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    Re: What (2) FA do you want the most?

    In response to rameakap's comment:

    Alex Mack and Linval Joseph have been the two guys I have been mentioning for months now Z, good guy. They are 'within reason' but certainly expensive.

    After that I would go with Arthur Jones and Zane Beadles

    Finally Everson Griffen and Richie Incognito

    I also think the Pats are going to pickup a WR, CB and depth ILB to replace Spikes.

    Break the bank at DE/DT to get Chandler's brother Arthur

    Go cheaper risk/reward at OG with Incognito

    Spend a little a CB with Talib, Captain or Brent Grimes (or split that 5-7 million between Charles Tillman and Walter Thurmond)

    Go cheaper at ILB with the recently cut Stephen Nicholas, Karlos Dansby or Wesley Woodyard replacing Spikes (and a day 2 draft pick replacing Fletcher)

    Get a downfield complementary WR like Maclin, Tate or Emmanual Sanders

    draft a TE, tall WR and SS in addition to the atheltic ILB with our first 4 picks. Probably too much to ask for but who knows. 


    Yeah, that's a lot of signings. I don't think NE could come up with the money. Given what they have available, and the sunk money in Danny China-dolla, they could really only make one FA addition, maybe two. 

    Re: Mack, Jones, et al. I agree, Mack is a pipe dream really, but a good one. I think Jones is a fringe candidate, and won't get the big bucks. Perhaps another value FA addition like Raiola or someone in between like Evan Dietrich Smith. I'm not against Incognito on a value deal either.

    Either way, I'd rather see NE shore up the lines with their resources than invest in WRs and FA TEs, unless, of course, they are sure Gronk won't be able to make it next season and they need to stabilize the roster spot with something better than the nonsense they had out there this season. 

    I don't think NE has the money to add a FA WR, resign Edelman, add a quality FA OL and DL, and add a FA LBer and CB. 

    Some of this is going to have to come from the draft. 

    I like TEs in the draft. DTs in the draft. MLBs in the draft. SS in the draft. OG in the draft. 

    1st DT/OG

    2nd OG/DT/SS

    3rd MLB/CB/TE

    4th TE/WR/C/T

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    Re: What (2) FA do you want the most?

    In response to 49Patriots' comment:

    After the look BB shot Ward after the Gronk incident, I cant see that happening.

    I want Pollard for a year and Arthur Jones. Get the Jones bros in New England.


    Yeah, Ward probably not coming but if I can pick 2 he would be one for the defense, Decker for the offense.