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What a headache for Colts!

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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    To get a couple of things straight.  The Colts are over cap by a few million partly because Manning's Franchise tender is 23 million.  So they can afford to sign him if he takes less than that but that's about it because they still have to sign rookies, UDFA, and probably some of their own free agents.

    This quote by Irsay almost certainly means Manning will not take 20million or less.
    “I’ve offered to make him the highest paid player.  We know when we look at our team, we need people to surround him to have a chance to win a Super Bowl.  With the cap actually going down this year, [Tom] Brady’s contract is something that would be reduced so-to-speak.  There’s only so much you can pay one player.  Whatever the number is, $20 million, you’re topping off there.  Then it becomes very difficult to be competitive and to field a team.”

    (BTW- this is a quote from the Colts owner, not unsourced speculation from a reporter.)

    Brady is at 18 million so he said he would make him the highest paid player (And I think he's telling the truth), and apparently 19 and 20 mil haven't been good enough or the deal would be done.  So you have to think he must be asking for more.

    Brady had a year left on his Contract when he signed so it's not exactly mind blowing that last year they had not been heavily discussing his contract prior the training camp even starting.  Also Michael Silver didn't even claim to have a source, let alone refuse to name one.

    This happenned in 2004 and the Colts had to Jettison some vets to clear cap room.  He didn't seem to care then.

    He admitted to negotiating his last contract for the months prior to him signing on March 2nd 2004.  Which obviously is in football season so I do not believe for a minute that he didn't want to discuss it during the season.  That's what agents are for anyways.

    It's not like the Colts make an offer and then he looks it over.  Before it goes on paper contracts are discussed.  Nobody is going to make an offer just to have it turned down.  Logically, no official offer was made this year because neither could come to an agreement on terms.  It would be foolish to think they haven't been discussing it for at least a year and a half. 

    I don't know what you're talking about about not signing a contract to help the NFLPA.  I can see how he might do that to help himself try to get free agency by trying to get something in the CBA.  But Manning being franchised or not does not provide any sort of leverage in a negotiation.  Except to make Irsay, who is an owner not want to give up the franchise tag.  But that doesnt' help players at all. 

    Lastly, I'm sure this gets done eventually because he will lose more in commercials if he lets his image take a hit, and Irsay has put the pressure on making him look like a bad guy if he gets more than 20mil.  Either that or it pi$$es him off.
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    LOL, Brady even signs his contract better than Manning. Losers. The reason why the media hates your team is that you stole signals from taping practice sessions before a super bowl. Why doesnt anyone ever bring that up here? Your coach was fined 500k, and the nfl destroyed the tapes. Oh I forgot, you do everything perfect there. Typical Boston fans talking crap with no facts. We're such a weak sports market, LOL, Colts,Pacers, NCAA headquarters, small school (butler makes it to the championship game twice back to back, enrollment 4200. Hosted several final fours, Big ten championship alternated with Chicago every other year. The biggest auto race in the world (Indy 500) Formula ONE Racing, (U.S. Grand Prix), The second biggest Nascar Race in the country next to the Daytona 500(Brickyard 400) and finally the biggest of them all the freaking SUPER BOWL. Real weak sports market. I know some wuss is going to come along and erase this instead of commenting. Typical Boston, no guts. P.S. Cindy Brady's wife is the bread winner in their family anyway. He spends all his money taking care of his baby mamas. So let it be known, I despise the cheatriots more than any other professional team, as far as I'm concerned, your coach is a monotone dousche, your qb is a justin bieber rip off, your stadium isn't even in Boston, and your fans cry, maybe with the exception of the jets, worse than any city in the country. Who has the balls to comment. I have to wipe off the stinch on my screen from even being on this paper's website.
    Posted by ColtsMan73

    1. We can't erase your post, only moderators can and they heven't seemed to mind UD6 (Colts fan) being on here for years.

    2.  Hosting the SB... Wow.  Makes you almost as big a Arizona I guess. 

    3.  "As far as your concerned" the stadium is not in Boston.  Your figured it out, it isn't.  FYI, they are not the Boston Patriots.

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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    Shen - directly from the growing disconnect article:  However, wanting something to happen and making it so financially are two different animals, and some people close to Brady feel the organization isn’t displaying much urgency toward ensuring the latter.

    My bad, he did claim to have a source.  Who had a "feeling", concrete stuff, great journalism.  His entire premise was based off not something said or done but from a feeling someone not involved in negotiations had.  Maybe you were the source.

    Further - I don't know where you got the information that the colts had to "jettison" players to accomodate Manning's contract.  Here's an excerpt from Len Pasquerelli about Manning's 04 contract.  Manning's new contract, however, should permit the Colts to conduct business as usual and to make qualifying offers to their restricted free agents before the deadline. It is believed that, when Manning signs the contract, his salary cap charge for '04 will now be more than halved. as to not wanting to finalize a contract during the season. 

    Umm....same article- keep reading.

    "The deal gives Indianapolis much-needed salary cap relief. Since all teams had to be in compliance with the NFL's $80.6 million salary cap by Tuesday's 4 ET deadline, the Colts -- saddled by Manning's record cap charge -- scrambled to renegotiate the contracts of at least a half-dozen veterans. Five veterans also were released outright."

    Or here

    "On Feb. 23, 2004, the Colts decided to place the tag on Manning. Five days later on Feb. 28, 2004, the Colts released five players to free up nearly $15 million in cap space. Among those five players were veteran defensive end Chad Bratzke, cornerback" class="sbn-auto-link">Walt Harris and offensive tackle" class="sbn-auto-link">Adam Meadows. While none of the three players were considered elite, they all played key roles at key positions for the team and were let go. Just four days later on March 3, 2004, the Colts agreed with Manning on his 7-year, $98 million deal"

    Or just google it.

    Its one thing to have the agent negotiate things.  Its another thing for a contract to be delivered and then for Manning to have to bless.  As you know, the last contract was consumated in March.  Not during the season. 

    Still makes no sense, he admittedly negotiated during the season, he could have signed this March when the season was over.  They didn't agree because he wants more than they will give.  Irsay says 20mil max so he wants more than that.  The reason this is not resolved isn't because he hasn't had the time.  That's just absurd.  There has been plenty of non football time between the end of the season and the lockout, or the season before.

    Finally, Manning was a bargaining chip for the NFLPA, as was Brady and Brees, etc.  In the last strike/lockout, the owners got to the top qb's before the union which the union, it felt, weakened its position.  Manning not having a contract, at least puts pressure on one team - the colts - and any chink in the ownership armour is worth having from the NFLPA perspective. 

    This makes no sense still, explain how Manning not having a Contract helps the players case.  Brady had a contract and he was on the suit also.  It doesn't put the players in a better bargaining position.  There is no chink in ownership from this situation.  The contract situation was unresolved, and there was CBA negotiations, two unrelated issues.

    Posted by UD6

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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts! : ap - I think you are splitting hairs.  Did Brady and his camp give silver a story? imo, yes.  That's no different than Brady doing it himself.  As for a lesser deal - So taking the biggest annual contract in league history is taking a lesser deal?  Finally, I'll agree that Irsay is making himself look like a fool right now. 
    Posted by UD6

    Well, it looks like you both are dancing around each others questions......BUT, you use YOUR OPINION to back up one of your conclusions?  Come on now!
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    What i like is that BB anticipated the mess and got the deal done, and Colts didnt. You can speculate whatever you want but NE doesnt have that distraction. + Mankins agreed to sign the tender. 
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