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What a headache for Colts!

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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    No, they care about HE and his wife. The guy gets the girl. You are so stupid.  You will never get it.  Ever. 
    Posted by UD6

    The guy gets the girl. Do you mean the one that has ridden someone's pole on every continent of this great earth?

    This continuos dialogue between you two has dominated this board. Two grade school classmates antagonizing one another with no winner in sight. 

    Fight night: In this corner, IUD Hoosier vs. Ride that Thing from (she will tell you Boston). Touch PC screens and come out keying until one biocth is too cerebrally drained to maintain a rhythmic pad thrusting and thus collapses defeated. 

    Remember 'King', H.S. Frosh Latin, meaning Rex. You may want to change that since you abhor Phat Ryan so much. You won't have to for we expect another banning coming soon because of your self-imposed righteousness and 'arrogance', a redundant word you so flagrantly utilize with of course its literary partner 'imbecile'. 

    No one gives a rat's azz who's contract is bigger. People care about winning and championships. Does the most lucrative signing get a metal or a chest to pin it on.

    I love both of these QBs. Neither one of them is perfect or more perfect than the other. Their athletic prowess is only surpassed by their gentlemanly decorum off the field. I take for neither of their teams, but I do appreciate two such great talents in our life times and a chance to see them compete at such a consistently high level.

    Put this shiot to rest please and lets talk constructively critical football. Grade school was a long time ago. Be back in a month. Until then, you are both on ignore so any insolent retort won't be necessary. Unless it's self gratifying of course.

    Good luck to both Pats and Colts. Go Giants (hopefully with Plax).

    I'm out or was I safe?
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts! : the writer said sources close to brady.  brady had the opportunity to deny it.  Instead, shortly thereafter, Brady gave the writer his only exclusive print interview of the offseason.  I'd say the whole thing was orchestrated with Brady's blessing.
    Posted by UD6

    I spoke with a source close to Manning and that source reports that Manning is doesn't care what impact his contract has on the Colts, because he doesn't give a fig about his team mates, ownership, or fans.  He's going into one of his last contract opportunities and he wants to get paid.  If Indy won't, someone will.  But under no circumstance will Manning accept anything less than 50% more than what Tom Brady is making.

    See how easy that is Doggg?  Anyone can quote an "unnamed" source, which per today's journalistic integrity standards makes reporting anything quite safe.  Don't need real sources, just "someone close."  Of course, the reason they get away with that type of thing is because morons like you eat it up.  Journalist lies, loyal readers that wanna' believe attest to it.  Great stuff doggg.  I'm sure Santa, Easter Bunny, unicorns and pots of gold at ends of rainbows are part of your world.  Man, you are one gullible guy, but you just keep on believin' in your bad self.....and of course those "never-would-tell-a-lie" journalists unless of course they dare print something that paints Manning in less than a God-like aura.  Poor doggg.
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    LOL If he is going to have the biggest contract of any QB ever, they must be going to pay him per FAILURE.  Bet they are beginning to realize they aren't going to win another SB, and want a way to part with him without looking too insanely stupid.  Then they trade for some name QB in the middle of the pack to pretend they are trying while they draft something at QB in the middle of the first round where its cheaper.  AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD the long day's journey into night begins for the Colts.
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    Like every Indy fan, you will never give credit to Brady. In 2003, Brady should have won or shared the MVP with McNair. Brady main RB gained a total of what 700 yards? The TEAM went 14-2 that year, what was Indy's? Who did Manning have as weapons, who were Brady's? In 03, Manning led the NFL in completions, completion %, and yards.  He had a 99 passer rtg to Brady's 85.  The pats had the #1 rkd D in pts allowed and were #2 in producing turnovers. the colts D was 13 and 12 respectively.    Now, lets look at some real numbers, during each of the QB's teams, what is their record in the regular season, how about postseason? What are each other's QB rating, who has the better rating? How about indoors, outdoors, bad weather or the cold? I will make easy on you: Indoors: Brady- 103.1 Manning- 98.6 Outdoors: Brady- 93.8 Manning- 90.7 Cold (24-40 degrees): Brady- 94.5 Manning- 85.0 Mild (41-60 degrees): Brady- 95.7 Manning- 85.7 Rain Brady- 95.1 Manning- 83.8 Wind Brady- 95.1 Manning- 82.6 and of course TD: INT Ratio TD:INT Ratio Brady- 2.45:1 Manning- 1.99:1 now lets add career: Brady 95.2, P. Manning 94.9....Brady wins In Reg season career Brady is .3 better than Manning.  That's it.  In the postseason, Manning's passer rating is better than Brady's (supposedly Brady's end all). ------ Now look at these numbers: Scott Mitchell's sole 16-game season under offensive coordinator Tom Moore, 1995 32 TDs 12 INTs 4,338 yards Peyton Manning's average 16-game season under offensive coordinator Tom Moore: 31 TDs 14 INTs 4,189 yards Peyton Manning is a system QB. Either that or Scott Mitchell was a sure-fire HoFer before being shellacked behind the Lions' o-line. *People alway say Brady does more with less, yet when Manning has a bit less, everyone gives him a pass. Except that Manning as everyone says takes on more responsibility as a QB than any other QB in the league.  Manning won an MVP under a different coordinator, Todd Christensen, in 2009.  People say Brady won championships (a team designation) with less, yet say he's a better QB today now that he has more.  He has won 2 MVP's yet hasn't won a championship.  If championships set Brady apart and he's better today than when his team was winning and he has better support now, then how come he hasn't won it all?  The logic doesn't work. 
    Posted by UD6

    .3 better because Manning plays at least 9 games in a dome EVERY YEAR!  Brady, has at times, played all 16 games OUTSIDE!   Good thing you can understand that! Which makes what Brady has done even more impressive!
    Brady has lost 2 games that I can remember in the playoffs from what he did, 1st was against the Broncos in Denver, the 2nd was against Baltimore.  Manning has cost Indy how many playoff games?  And the year Indy won, it was not because Manning played good in the playoffs, your defense stepped up (not including the gift game against the Pats).
    PLUS, Brady still doesnt have more weapons than Manning.  Manning had a couple of injuries then all the excuses come out.  Wayne is better than anything that Brady had for a WR this past year.
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    grt - except that you don't have a gig making your living writing for the NFL.  Silver has his reputation and job riding on being right.  So, I guess what you are saying is that Silver is a liar.  Am I right about that?  Are you suggesting that Silver made it up?  If so, can you help me understand why Brady gave Silver an exclusive print interview the following month?  Can you help me understand why Bob Kraft still takes Silver's call and allows Silver to quote him? Don't you think guys as big as Brady and Kraft wouldn't give the guy the time of day if he was making stuff up about them?  I'll accept that you don't want to believe it, but its pretty easy puzzle to solve, don't you think? I'll agree that you can't believe everything you read, but I believe the writers have sources until they are proven that they don't.  Even if the information they are fed is BS (and sometimes it is - see the lockout), that doesn't mean that the journalist wasn't fed that information.
    Posted by UD6

    Is Silver a liar?  Maybe.  Embellished?  Perhaps.  Could the supposed "close source" be a cousin TB hasn't spoken to in five years?  You see, I don't lend much credence to a "source close to."  If you do, fine.  With respect to his reputation, "a close source to" can't be proven - but that's the journalistic standard these days - not really all that "hard hitting" is it.  He hasn't been caught plagerizingg so his reputation is just fine.  The fact that TB and Kraft grant him interviews doesn't equate to a "puzzle" unless you're looking for a "puzzle."  The fact that he covers this sport is why TB and Kraft deal with him (kind of hard not too).  And in all honesty - he may very well have gotten something from "a close source," but the fact that a reader can't determine whether it's a line of bull or not, I for one take it with a nice helping of skepticism.  Another thing you didn't mention.  TB has never publically, from his own lips into a reporters notebook or video feed, complained about his contract, quite the contrary in fact - he's allowed the team to rework a contract on at least one (I think two though) occasions.  So you'd have us/me put full credence into "a close source" over the actual source - good ol' Tom himself.  We'll see, as the Manning contract plays out and gets reported (and quoted) using "close sources" what PM's true feelings are - ones attributed by "close sources" or patterns of previous behavior (during contract negotiations) of PM.  Time will tell.  But you keep on dreaming up your conspiracy ideas - they may very well be hitting you closer to home in the near future.
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    Who cares about the dam Colts.
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts! : glen, so why with all of these stats that you believe makes Brady better do you think Manning has won all these MVP's and 1st and 2nd team all pro designations while Brady hasn't?
    Posted by UD6

    Actually, I had said (in the past), 1 and 1a, I also said who cares which is which, then a bunch of Indy fans, like you, said that Manning blows away Brady.  So, I saw some stats (over the past year) that changed my mind that proved that what Brady did was more impressive.  However, every Indy fan will look at these and still say that Brady has had a better defense and thats why he has won more.  BUT, over the past 10 years, but both had a defense that was better 5 times.
    Now you bring up the all pro, Brady has had it 2 times, should had a 3rd one in 2003, but was robbed.  What Brady did in 2003 was basically dismissed (should had been MVP and 1st team all pro) and a lesser Manning (shared MVP with McNair, could have accepted just McNair because he was injured all year) got the awards. You can look at the numbers and then compare the offenses.
    It all comes down to people like you.  You say Manning has done all these things, which come up 2nd to what Brady has done, but you dismiss it.  You cannot deny the numbers, you just choose not to admit they exsist.
    I can admit Manning is a great QB, a 1st balot HOF'er, but real fans will always see him as 2nd best.  I am not saying this because I am a Pats fan, because of one of my past jobs, I had done a lot of traveling, and I have ran into many football fans, about 70+% of them said that I was lucky to have the best QB in the NFL playing on the Pats.
    So, tell me, what makes Manning so much better than Brady?  You can use your opinion, but also give me some numbers.  I gave you some, and you tried to dismiss them....what a shocker.  Or, will you dismiss this?

    1 more thing, Favre has won the MVP 3 times, is he better than Brady too?
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    Gln, I've said the exact same thing, but when pressed (as Babe has-go check), I respond.  Brady's great.  I can accept that you have an opinion about 03 and what "real fans" (you'll have to define that for me) think, but that's just opinion.  I've provided info about 03 - manning led the league in completions, completion %, and yards.  His passer rtg was 14 points higher than Brady's while playing with the 20th rkd defense in points allowed.  My points are pretty simple.  4 mvp's to Brady's 2 - all during Brady's tenure (I guess take away 08 since Brady was hurt).  5 1st team all NFL to Brady's 2 (all during Brady's tenure-take away 08).  3 second team all nfl to Brady's 0 (take away 99 since Brady wasn't in the league.  Its still 3-2 mvp, 4-2 1st team, 2-0 2nd team.  Why didn't Brady earn these instead of Manning?  From a non-stat perspective.  Most here believe Brady is better over the past few years than he was during the team's superbowl run. Most also claim Brady had lesser talent around him during the superbowl run.  So, Brady's better now. the talent around him is better now. and yet he hasn't won anything. in his last 2 playoff games he's one and done. The logic doesn't work.  Either he's not better (but he is. His 2 MVP's are evidence) or he won those SB's with significant help from other areas of his team (kicker who didn't miss unlike Manning's and a defense that always held up).
    Posted by UD6

    So, you are just going to use the same garbage and just reuse them over and over? Earlier when Manning was with the best offense (or 2nd best to STL) and were 1 and done how many times with the best ofense talent around him, you mention that Brady was 1 and done twice and Manning has done it 7 times......Hyprocite much?
    Ok, "real fans" might be the wrong words, but I have been from Bangor ME to San Diego CA, so I have been in a lot of different places and had different football fans tell me what I posted. I was trying to say that I was not getting the "Homer - My QB is the best in the NFL."
    I brought you the numbers, but like I knew you would do, you dismissed them.  I am not going to say anything more, I know you will, but you can just use the same crap over and over again, it doesnt matter.  Everyone saw the numbers.  Just think, if Brady played his career in a dome like Manning and Manning played outside how much more of a difference there would be.
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    Wow, I used to like some things you have said in the past.  Having an outside opinion is always good to get good discussions.  But, when you use "your opinions" to back up your conclusions, well that is like using a word in a definition you are trying to define, what a joke!  I have given you tangible evidence about the 2 players, you come back with "your opinion" and more excuses for him.  You make reference of the 1 and done twice, but with the other guy doing it 7 times, well, we know.
    By the way, what was the score of the Jets playoff game in 2002?
    Going forward, I will refere to you as "the Hyporcrite"

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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    hey underputz, you can have your reg season mvps and all pro teams because there is no rings for those, you say he did it at bradys expense but guess what idiot BRADY WON 3 SUPER BOWLS IN 4 YEARS AT PLAYTEX WOMANNINGS EXPENSE--hows that one feel chump!!!!  3 to 1 brady has got more, 3-1 anyway you want to spin it, he did at mannings expense which is so much better than reg season mvps (most vulnerable playoffs)  Man you are an idiot, talking about bradys 2x 1 and done when your "pu**boy has done it 7 TIMES!!!!  20 years from now when they talk about manning and brady, everyone will remember how brady owned his arss when playing head to head (8-4 brady) and they will remember that brady won more in the playoffs then playtex, THAT IS WHAT WILL BE REMEMBERED!!!
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    bic - Brady won those games all by himself?  Wow.  Someone better call Kraft, because Wilfork, Warren, Seymour, Bruschi, Vrabel, McGinest, Washington, Colvin, Samuel, Law, Milloy, Harrison, and Vinatieri have ALL been frontin' a lie.  How in the he!! did Bruschi and Harrison parlay those lies into TV deals?  Also, how did Milloy, Law, and Samuel got paid for doing nothing.  There's alot of Pats SB rings that are in illegitimate hands BIC.  That is a travesty! You know BIC with all that evidence that's been out there for years, I just don't understand why all of those experts that voted for the NFL all-time list voted Manning above Brady.  Maybe to your reasoning hindsight isn't 20/20 in 4 years.  It takes 20 years.  Good luck with Haynesworth.
    Posted by UD6

    I told you, Hyporicite, I was done talking about those 2 players, but, as you said I gave you nothing for why Brady should have won the MVP in 2003. I told you already. A Smith, the #1 RB gained about 700 yards, he did have Branch and Brown, but those 3 could never hold a candle to what Manning had, and you know it.  That year, Indy played 10 games in a dome, the Pats played 2 games in a dome, including @ Indy (who won that game?).  The Pats went 14-2, #1 seed in the Playoffs, Indy finished 2 games back!
    Now, you keep on trying to dismiss Manning's 1st year as a starter, to bad, it happened.  You have to remember, Brady 1st year as a starter, he went 11-3, and won the Superbowl (a waiver wire team).  But you forget, he took over a team that went 7-19 in their last 26 games.
    You can keep on saying that Bledsoe threw that TD in the AFC Championship game all you want, but it was the punt return for a TD, and the blocked FG that was returned for the TD's that won that game.
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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    Guy, I have given you TANGIBLE numbers.  And, who led the league in TD passes that year (2003)?  Manning was 2nd to whom?
    Also, I said if the MVP went to McNair, I would have no problems with it since he was injured all year and gutted it out, but a NEWS paper chose to split the award.  And guy, you were talking about Mike Silverman and kept on saying "IMO" he (Brady) did give the story to him without ANY proof except for your "IMO."  And now, you can get a life.  I thought there were some annoying Pats fans here, but wow, someone cant get over his sad life.  And by the way, I did give you more tangible reasons he got robbed.

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    Re: What a headache for Colts!

    In Response to Re: What a headache for Colts!:
    gln - TD's aren't the only numbers.  As I noted manning led the league in completions and completion % and yds. as for your insults, gln, you know what you can do with them.  
    Posted by UD6

    You are a Hyprocrite, I dont know how you cannot see it.  Brady was so good over the past 2 seasons, why was HE one and done the last 2 seasons, but Manning has been one and done 7 times, BUT it was his TEAMS fault.  Grow up & smell what you are shoveling!