What about Vollmer

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    Re: What about Vollmer

    He is out too often to be considered a top 3 RT. But I agree he is good and I hope we sign him. I suspect that his injuries will help to keep his pay reasonable.

    If he were a LT someone might take the risk on his health and overpay him too much. But being a RT it is less likely someone will give too much of an overpayment.


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    Re: What about Vollmer

    If he wasn't a health risk they probably would give him a long term contract...maybe they should just franchise him for one year? Then if he stays healthy they might consider letting Mankins go after next season and putting the money into Vollmer? Although if he's 29 right now, that may not happen. Wow, he's 29? That's right, he got a late start as a football player.

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    Re: What about Vollmer

    In response to COMMIE-CONTRARIAN's comment:

    we r too loaded at RT and the oline in general.. after mankins overrated deal, i think bb will pass on vollmer and use the savings on welk.. ditto with chung. voll could play at a top level for about 2 more years tops.. those back issues dont ever go away when they hit from 28-32.. period even with inevitable surgery... he's missed a lot of games and we've performed just fine.. frankly we should consider restructuring or cutting mankins as well for savings.. thomas played there without missing a beat. ditto with mcdonald. cannon can play RT and we can stock up in rookie free agency and the draft.. surplus for us, like shanahan with RBs.. y should he ever overpay for one, every guy off the street performs even better than his previously overpayed star!

    My friend, it is difficult to be too loaded on the O line. ANd in fact, with the truth that injuries in the line are inevitable, it is even harder. Consider too that no matter who you have at QB or RB you cannot run or pass effectively without a solid line. And 5 lineman in the case of the passing game because your weakest link is the quickest way to the QB.

    Furthermore, while this team is deep I actually believe it needs an upgrade from Wendell. He has been good but I think I would rather Connolly play either guard or center and we draft someone else. Or if Cannon develops enough to move Cannon to guard and Connolly to center.

    Furthermore, Vollmer's health is not a sure thing. So while he is on the roster you need even more assurance of depth.

    I DO AGREE we should not overpay Vollmer. But I do hope we sign him to a decent contract. He is a RT not a LT and with his back problems I doubt he will be offered huge money, maybe just good money. I would would pay him good money. If they do not sign him I expect they will be thinking Cannon is ready (though I still think he is more of a guard than T because of slow footwork). I would also expect they will have to either draft or get a reasonable FA if they lose Vollmer.

    Biggest difference between you and I appears to be that I think we have a deep line but not at all too deep or too much money in it at this point. And in fact I think we need a bit of an upgrade in the interior.