What about Weatherspoon?

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    Re: What about Weatherspoon?

    Problem with weatherspoon is his size and his mouth. Hes very productive. Stock is rising on this kid. But do you take a chance on him when the Patriots are trying to rebuild/strengthen their locker room. Picking Weatherspoon threatens the lockerroom and would be the total opposite direction that the patriots have been doing this offseason.

    Locker room over production? Patriots usually pick the former.
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    Re: What about Weatherspoon?

    He'll be a good player but this team is desperate for help at OLB and DE so I wouldn't take an ILB in the first round.  Weatherspoon has the versatility to play both positions in a 4-3, but in a 3-4 he is strictly an inside linebacker.  He doesn't have the size and pass rush skills to play 3-4 OLB.  Good player, but we have bigger needs.