What are the strengths and weaknesses of the 2010 draft class?

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    What are the strengths and weaknesses of the 2010 draft class?

    inquiring minds want to know
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    Re: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the 2010 draft class?

    You may want to filter that question a bit.
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    Re: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the 2010 draft class?

    Just one man's opinion. Good draft overall, especially on the defensive side of the ball.


    DT: A The strongest spot in the draft, though some of the third and fourth tier guys are a little over rated. Two blue chips easy, and possible 6-7 more through day one. Really, this is all about Suh and McCoy being top five players out there.

    DE: A- One blue chip (Morgan), two others with first rounder grades that are easy (Dunlap/Pierre-Paul), and a pocketful for rd 2. Maybe ten or eleven on day one. 

    S: A- One blue chip safety and another bon a fide second tier in Berry/Mays. another two or three including Chad Jones who could be solid day one picks.There are decent prospects through rd 3, so a very good year.

    CB: B After Joe Haden (who blue chips it) only Robinson really looks like a 1st rounder, and that is tenuous. That puts a big hole there, which make it hard to grade this out as anything more than a "quantity" type year. I think some might overrate this group, and as usual the combine will likely help or hurt this gang. There are some player there for rd two and three though, which keeps it from drifting into lower territory.

    ILB: B- This grade is a bit unkind. Any year McClain/Spikes are there could be A. But there is not much going on after these two. It might be the middle of day two before the next true ILB after Brandon Spikes is selected. Still two very good prospects buoy this group, but no round two steals like Lofton a few seasons ago. 

    OLB: B+ Only the lack of any elite talent keeps this back from an A. Otherwise there are some interesting players here like last season. Bowman and Kindle could make some teams very happy. Solid players like Eric Norwood and Jerry Hughes fill out a class that could see 7-9 day one selections.


    QB: B Okay, so there is Locker and Bradford, neither of which are really blue chip, although Bradford might go there. This grade is kind of reactionary to how highly regarded this draft was supposed to be.

    RB: C+ No blue chippers, and the closest to that is Spiller. After that, a couple backs cling to the bottom of the first, with a couple more in the second. Nothing really inspiring unless you are in the 11-20 block and Spiller is still on the board, or Best or Dwyer slip a little.

    WR: B+ Deep, but unexciting, with no blue chips. Dez Bryant likely tops this list, and that top will likely be out of the top ten. Golden Tate might get a look in the first, but the gold mine is on the bend from 1st to 2nd, with several players grading in there, like Benn, LaFell, and Williams.

    OT: A- Possibly two blue chip tackles here. Maybe even three. No depth to sustain a deep first round run on tackles a la 2008.

    OG: B- This might be the year no guards get selected in rd 1. Ducasse could argue with that, but he just as likely won't make the cut. The only redeeming point is that true guards usually aren't highly regarded anyhow.

    Ce: D We will be lucky to see one day one Center. Given that one or two centers being there on day one gets a passing grade, this is especially grim.

    TE: INC Waiting to see how Gresham's medicals look -- if he doesn't look complete the this is a really terrible group.