What Brady really did in 42&46.

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    Re: What Brady really did in 42&46.

    In response to RockScully's comment:

    Are you talking about that diving catch on the same route near the goal line vs Houston? If you are, you are delusional making that comparison.

    Here are the differences:

    1. Welker was covered very well by the Houston defender. Against the Giants, he was wide open and it would have been a TD if thrown correctly.

    2.  Brady threw the ball on a line like a laser so that Welker either catches it or it goes incomplete.  Against the Giants, he leans back and puts air under it, almost as if he needed to get over a LB underneath.  It wasn't necessary.

    3. Welker made a HECK of a catch vs Houston on that play.  For some reason, the Washers here like o tell us Welker's drop in the SB was some kind of a routine play. The fact is, it would have been a great grab.  He had his hands on it, but it was far from routine. The ball was thrown so poorly, he had to adjust his entire body just to get his hands on it. Not routine. The ball was thrown to the wrong shoulder and high, and what is painful to admit, is that it wasn't even necessary since the he was wide open.

    Brady had TONS of bad balls in 2011. Tons. He was on pace to break his INT record last before finally breaking out after a horrendous 1st half in NY vs the Jets. That was November.

    They've run it more this year with more balance, which has helped reduce the inevitable bad ball here and there. 

    It'd be nice if these discussions end once and for all. It's beyond annoying watching the same middle aged, balding dork bandwagoners who love fantasy football and aerial plays try to ruin it for the rest of the fans of the TEAM here. It's arrogant, obnoxious and selfish. Get over it.

    Brady's biggest postseason of his career STARTS NOW. NOW. He hasn't played consistenly well in one since 2004.  Truth hurts, but once you admit it, it's easier to move on.  One game, maybe 2, isn't enough.  Tom Brady and his resume aren't above this team in 2012.

    You either aren't mentally deranged, acknolwedging Brady must be more conistent this postseason, lean on that run game, etc, or you're in love with Tom Brady and want to take one up the anal cavity from Tom himself.

    Please take your lustful wishes to another board. It's very annoying.



    No, it wasn't that one.  It was the first quarter touchdown against Seattle.  I just watched it on film.  Very similar play.  Brady places the ball more to the right, though, because the safety is further to the middle of the field, and Welker runs over the ball, catching it over his right shoulder this time (not left as I said earlier).

    People may want to watch it and comment, since it's an interesting comparison.

    Funny how you start arguing about a play I wasn't even talking about . . . talk about annoying.  You really are the king of that.  Maybe you can bring back that old avatar sometime.  The creepy king of ground up meat seems like an appropriate icon for you . . .


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    Re: What Brady really did in 42&46.

    Are you kidding me? 

    BDC, may I ask why my posts continue to be removed?

    Is this a joke?

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    Re: What Brady really did in 42&46.

    In response to TFB12's comment:

    I hope you are joking here.  Brady has made his share of mistakes, far less then other QB's and that's why he is one of the greatest but he has made mistakes within the last 10 years.

    As for the CB covering Branch, he was still moving backwards when Brady threw he pass, had he not hesitated for a split second he would have int that back shoulder pass.

    Well like Brady said, it's about anticipation.  Brady anticipated, correctly, that the cornerback would stay on Branch.  I don't know why you are criticizing him for anticipating a coverage correctly.  

    And yes, every QB makes mistakes, every game.  It's by definition the hardest position to play and the most mistake prone.  So it bugs me when people blame a loss on Brady (I'm not saying you are doing this, but others do) for making say 5% mistakes a game, when every other QB in the league makes at least 10% or more like 30% or 40% mistakes a game.

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