what does it mean that PATS have been named in AH WRONGFUL death suit?

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    what does it mean that PATS have been named in AH WRONGFUL death suit?

    talk ut distractions... know u have sb to get to but raise ur hand mr. belichick and swear to tell the truth,whole truth,and nothing but the truth? "jeez, which one u want dawg? may I pick B? r u aware of any concussion? look comrade prosecutor, it is what it is.. ask the doc, he knows everything, coaches coach, playas play. should b riveting court room drama.. methink pats settle with full sealed deal to get their out of that their suit.. coupe of grand should do it.. more than worth avoiding the clown show of bb having to see Herny all over again and getting kraftie involved and sharing pats trade secrets about drafting and so forth..


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    Re: what does it mean that PATS have been named in AH WRONGFUL death suit?

    In response to cousteau's comment:

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    I thought Melly Mel's thread on this topic was very dumb and sounded like a Commie thread, and right on cue, here comes the moron himself.


    and right on cue, here comes the moron himself.


    you should stop referring yourself that way. its more like delusional homer with a creepy obsession with a coach and a personality disorder that makes you argue and insult anyone that doesn't agree with you

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    Re: what does it mean that PATS have been named in AH WRONGFUL death suit?r

    Suing  any party with deep pockets is sop

    but the whole idea I here is ridiculous. the premise that one can sue a company just because some alleged (or not alledged) criminal works for that company is pure sophistry,Add that to the fact that A.h was not under arrest of any kind athen the persons bringing the suit had better worry about being sued themselves

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