What everybody isnt realizing

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    What everybody isnt realizing

    The games the pats lost were all close (look how the teams we beat or came close losing faired against each other or the so-called elite teams) except the saints game, when just there bodies showed up on the field but every game was competitive and ususally we had the lead in almost all of them so y isnt anybody giving them a chance to even beat the ravens in there own house we did it earlier in the season and(he is one of the greatest and were gonna miss him), (we almost beat the jets d witout him) welker wasnt 100 percent then so y cant we do it now witout him.
    We didnt have welker or moss in 01, 03, 04 or 06 when we were beating down the colts and almost made the superbowl
    Us fans need to support our team and stop the maddness, this was a so-called rebuilding year and if it was im sure the other rebuilding teams wish they had our season, we have a great team with a great QB and great coach stop the b***chin cuz we werent even in the playoffs last season so anything can happen.
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    Re: What everybody isnt realizing

    love the attitude and support.  Im excited. its the playoffs and i cant wait for the weekend.

    now i will caution u this:  While I agree we have had leads in most of our losses and should have won those games; there is a reason why we lost. 

    Now im banking on Fred Taylor giving us the ability to kill the clock when we have the lead and score TDs in the redzone where we have struggled.