What I saw last night

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    Re: What I saw last night

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    Zipped through the game this morning on DVR. Clearly, not much there to look at as they laid an egg there 2 years ago in Detroit's Super Bowl and then NE went 13-3...But...

    The best news? Tebow didn't play. Bye bye Tebow.

    I never would have wasted the time in the first place.  Mallett needs as many reps as possible anyway.

    Best players:

    Thompkins and Nink

    That's about it from what I saw. No energy, no comepete level, etc. You just knew Detroit would be up for this as a measuring stick situation and the Pats didn't come close to matching.

    Nice teaching time for BB. Blast em in the film room and then see who shines in the last preseason game early on. 


    exactly...this is a meaningless bump in the road..I actually think BB likes to lose a preseason game so he can bring the team back to reality and stop reading the press clippings.


    I expect next week to be pretty much a nothing game, and would assume the Pats dominate the BIlls week 1


    Wow. A logical, non trollish post from you. Clearly, he didn't want to go in there and look like that, but I also think what you just said has some merit.


    Schwartz worked for BB and is friendly with BB. Clearly, he's in there telling his team this is a measuring stick game, blah blah, blah, and they come out all jacked up and outplay the Pats.

    Happened two years ago. BB used nothing and then NE blasted Detroit on national tv on Thanksgiving. There is a method to the madness here. Always is. I still can't figure out guys like Bernard at DT, for example.

    The guy may not even make the team at his natural position and he's got him at DT? 

    I don't know. THey always say, Game 3 is the one where you play it like it's real. Not here, it's not.  Never is with BB.  He's always keeping the team on its toes, and a lot of it is a way for him to be the coach he is.

    These comments have nothing to do with 1:1 battles, fundamentals, etc, either, so no one start trolling and ruining the thread. 

    We could pull up every loss they've ever had in preseason when they get blasted in the last 5 years and we'd see the same hilarious handwringing comments the next day just like we're seeing now.

    Christ, Flacco had 3 INTs last night vs Carolina in the first half. Their 1st qtr 1s have looked way worse than ours. Bernard Pierce got blown up ni the backfield with a fumble. Translation? Carolina saw the SB champs as a meausring stick game, while Balt didn't show up.  Happens every preseason.

    BB will clean this up for Game 4, and then use that game as a tune up for Buffalo and a short week for the home opener for the crappy Jets.

    Yes queenie, you should try it some time.

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    Re: What I saw last night

    Lions will go 7-9 and not make the Play-offs, again. That is a team of destiny....of never making it to Superbowl.