What I think about the 09 Pats

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    What I think about the 09 Pats

    A quick point here and there. does anybody here think that all our problems are due to pass rushing? like we have young linebackers who are doing a decent job. good safeties.. (mcgowan has shut down every star TE we have faced.. ex clark. gonzalez, etc..) and meriweather is growing into a great safety. my only doubts are wilhite and the passrushing.. I see the patriots seeking a good passrusher and a fast cb in the draft to take the spot of wilhite (leigh bodden is the best CB we have had since Ty Law and Asante, not gonna lie...) and the empty pressence of richard seymour. not to mention a receiver (which we can get in the 3rd round, but i would LOVE golden tate from ND)  I see the pats drafting a QB in 2011 with the raiders pick and the rookie cap all set by then.

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    Re: What I think about the 09 Pats

    When it comes to Seymour a lot of folks have a selective memory.  He hasn't played like Seymour since he signed that big contract years ago and he has been injury prone.  The Raiders did us a favor as he wasn't going to be resigned after this year any way.  The Pats had a weak schedule last year and we complained about the pass rush.  There is no different with or without Seymour.

    Golden Tate - I've heard his measurables aren't that great.  He's a football player and has fast football speed.  It sounds like he'll lose ground when the combine comes around.  I think he could be in the crosshairs.

    No doubt a QB for the future will be needed....but not now.  We need a little work on the offensive line, a hardnosed RB, LB(pass rush)and that 3rd WR that we were talking about.  The 2010 draft is really key.  We have to hit on that draft.  The talent that's coming out may never be seen again.