What I thought from watching the game live.

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    What I thought from watching the game live.

    I've been mulling over this post. I like a few of the posters on PFB  saw the game live. I have to say I did miss reading the game thread but being there live was great. Surprisingly except for a few drunks, most of the fans that sat around me were friendly and knowledgeable about football. Now to what I got from the game….

    First it really does seem like the coaching staff for whatever reason goes into a game with a plan and really doesn’t make many in game changes.  Now I know they could have made many RL changes but the feel of the game to me was “we are going to do this to beat you and this way and it is going to be.”

    My biggest complaint is that they didn’t even worry about the weathers effect on how they were playing.  At times in this game the rain was really coming down and still the Pats forced the ball through the air.  I really do believe most of the QB’s miscues on both side to open WRs was due to a wet heavy ball. Except when it really was coming down Seattle stayed more with their running game unlike the Pats. 

                    Also I think the coaches mishandle the clock and many situations of the game.  I really thought they would kick it with 6 seconds left in the half and still we tried to force it, which this one mistake by both the coaches and the QB was most likely the one moment that lost the game.  Now I blame the coaching more than Brady on this situation, seeing the play live once I didn’t think it was intentional grounding but it happened and he has to take the hit.

                  The offense does have to perform much better, this includes Brady but due to the weather and playing a good D, this was a game were the D really needed to step up. It was a messy rainy day and at times with wind gusts.  It was a type of game I thought would be low scoring and whatever D held at the end would win.  Now the D line did ok containing the running game, I really thought Seattle got away with some major blocks in the back when Wilson was scrambling and a few Seattle fans agreed they got lucky on the no calls. Also the refs seem like they do not call any holding on the edges till the guy is completely behind the rusher, they are allowing holding all the way around the edge, and the hooking of arms. 

                    Lastly the D back field is the worst covering team I have ever seen,  I know both side at times were on a very slippery field but how to you let a WR split the safety and cb, then  beat both down field and get under rainbow of a throw not once but twice.  They never even seen the ball coming because they never look up for it.  It is mind boggling, I played CB,SS,and Safety, I have made quite a few mistakes over the years, but you are trained from grade school to college look for the damn ball.  Only thing I think that is causing this is they are just not fast enough to stay with the other teams WR.  This group more than any needs some improvement.

                    Until the D gets fix this team isn’t going to win these close games. Offense doesn’t always score 21+ points and it falls on the D to win the game.  This one just can’t do it.


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    Re: What I thought from watching the game live.

    6 points on offense the whole 2nd half is unacceptable....after all the crap brady talked, to play like that.....is just embarassing

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    Re: What I thought from watching the game live.

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    Brady needs to shut his mouth, stop doing commercials and get back under Center.  How many more examples of this show do we need to see?

    If CSylvia was honest, he'd know that the D isn't allowing the 24 points with Brady and the offene not disappearing in the game for the last 2 qtrs.  This always starts in games where the offense disppears. It could be 2009 in NY, Denver or Miami or at home vs Arizona or on the road vs Seattle yesterday. What's the common denominator? Brady in the shotgun, 40+ times and a loss with no lead RB.

    Is it that hard to connect the dots? When the offense stumbles for that long and continues to shoot itself in the foot, don't expect the D to be the '85 Bears in an offensive era like this. You need to get over it.  There really aren't any great Ds in this league anymore. SF, Houston, are the better Ds right now, but there aren't many. Seattle's is good, but our offense made it very easy on them by falling into that trap again.

    If you want to disagree how BB decided to build the team with the money on offense, plenty of toys for Tommy boy, etc, then fine, say that. Stop acting like this league is not littered with teams investing in QBs in the QB passing era of the NFL, because that's what this is.  Ours is just run poorly from time to time, led by #12.

    I am sick and tired of defending Tom Brady. Did it for years, but no more. It's show me time for Tom Brady.

    How ironic our own fans want to brag about how great our QB is, then we stinks or plays bad over big parts of the game channeling Mark Sanchez, we act like it's not big deal?

    Call it like it is, kids!


    I'm not saying TB brady played well. I was in the rain watching the game and in the second half it was coming down worst than the first half.  This may or may have not hindered the passing game, I think it did.  That is were the coaching really need to try and open up the running gane, not just the klast 7 min of the game.  

    As for balls that  were low, it happened going on both sides of the field and even in the middle, maybe due to a sore shoulder or the rain.... it defineately is on the coaches how much they were throwing.  

    Rusty for someone who watches so much football... Are QB's ever allowed to have a bad game? When they do thier team and coaches have to adjust.  The teams that win more often than not have a D fense that can keep the other team from score 40% of the time or less. Both side of the ball stunk yesterday but I think the coaching stunk the worst.  

    Also I really think the weakest area that is fixable is the defensive back field, if they can start looking for the ball and just do thier job specially down field.  In  a cover two the safety needs to be reacting to the ball and no one can be let to get deeper than them.

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    Re: What I thought from watching the game live.

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    Yes, a bad game is going to happen. But, if you notice, he looks great at times and then he and the offense just don't have another gear in these losses.

    And this always occurs un the shotgun spread Woodhead based offense. Always.  Multiple INTs from Brady, panicky decisions, head bobbing phantoms in the pocket, etc. Ugh.

    In all 3 losses, Woodhead was the guy with Brady throwing 40+ times with a lead! It doesn't just infurirate you that he makes some nice plays, but he can't finish a game?

    And it's not just him.  I want whoever needs to make sure he doesn't throw 40+ times against good Ds or on the road against teams who are so gacked to challenged the Pats, he needs to be scaled back from throwing so much.

    I don't think people realize how much Brady and this team is hated due to a jealousy or just the fact that they can't stand the media still talks highly of the organization.  My point is, the offense needs to be more diversified against the better Ds or in the tougher spots on the road. Team just gear up to tee off on our O Line and Brady.

    They had it working v.s. Baltimore but they couldn't continue with it because they started again with this penchant for subbing backs.  Go back and look at how they subbed Woodhead and Ridley in and out early in that game and you'll see why we can't ice games in the 4th.

    The choice to sub tips off what kind of play we'll run.  They try to be tricky by running Woodhead through the tackles, but it just doesn't work.

    They need to do a better job of gameplanning in terms of not over-thinking it and at the same time realize subbing the RBs on the drives is too easy of a signal for the D to gamble on what the odds are of they're playing, not to mention Brady not under Center is just ridiculous at this point.

    He's WAY better under Center than he is in the shotgun.  This discussion only ties to when NE plays good Ds. There will be plenty of games this year where they pay a bad D or a mediocre D and they can shogtun spread themselves silly and put up 40 points like GB just did last night on Houston (not saying his a bad or mediocre D).

    GB doesn;t sub their RBs, by the way or at least not at the rate we do.  It's such a problem.  Just look at the games this team has won. Ten, Buffalo and Denver. All games where Brady was more under center than not and the D played well, the game being in total control from start to finish, essentially.

    It's so simple. The lead back talent on this team is Ridley and Bolden. Similar skill sets and RBs that can be used in play action because D's have to respect their running through the line. Woodhead can't run through the line like they can.

    Well you need to write McD and BB and tell them they are screwing up.  It really comes down to how the coachs are running the team and using Brady.  If you don't see that I don't know what anyone can tell you.  The coach put in the packages and personnel, McD and Brady have gone on record saying that McD calls the plays.  I know you like to use the one quote where Brady says he likes throwing out of the shot gun, but the reality is that every QB does. All subing and on field packages are directly placed by the coachs if they didn't want him in the shotgun spread they would not put that personnel grouping on the field.

    Once you accept that the coachs have to manage these games better then you will realize that most people here agree with your concepts but not where you put the blame.

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    Re: What I thought from watching the game live.

    Rusty, if you look at the number of offensive snaps played yesterday, Ridley was in for more plays than Woodhead.

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    Re: What I thought from watching the game live.

    Good post, csylvia79, and sorry they had to lose when you got a chance to see them live.  Rkarp has a nice, sensible response too.  


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    Re: What I thought from watching the game live.

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    I thought the game plan was good. I thought the Pats out played the Seahawks. The execution left a lot to be desired

    Even the half time play, Brady held the ball too long. Thats not on the coach or the game plan.

    The DB's played poorly. That is on the players, not the coach.

    The line gave the backs no holes to run, and the passing game was working. The int's were not on the coaches..

    Bottom line, Brady has 3 passes back, the oline is healthier, or the DB's turn their heads on deep balls, the Pats win 30-21.

    Thats not on the coaches


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    Re: What I thought from watching the game live.

    In response to Bunker Spreckels' comment:

    Did you count that up?

    Nope, Mike Reiss did it for me.


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