1. Pats win both games and play well. No injuries.

2. Ravens to beat the Broncos


No small wish list but what I would love to see all three happen, at least I know #3 will happen in less than 15 hours...

If not the first two above then, I want to see:

1. No major injuries (I want us to be healthy for the playoffs)

Worst case we end the 4th seed. We have a home game against 6th seed (probably Steelers or Bengels). This gets the playoff gitters out of our young team. Then it would be on to Houston or Denver/Baltimore or both and we can win against all of these teams, if we are healthy.

2. Play well the next two weeks and prove we can play with, compete (and hopefully beat) quality teams. We have key injuries right now and with those players back we could play better. If we show we can play well we can "sneak" up on them in the playoffs. I almost would rather be the underdog, than the favored team.

Just a thought as I wait anxiousily for the game tonight. Would love to see no sacks on Brady and a D that does not give up big plays. GO PATS....

No Coal in the stocking (injuries)