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In Response to Re: What is wrong with this dude. : Did Belichick really ban Peter King from Gillette? If so thats awesome!
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Specualtion on some's part (including mine).  There is no proof of that, but it's awfully odd for a guy to move from NJ to Boston around that time, and it was around that time where he had almost unfettered access to the Pats with all kinds of inside nuggets and now he's had ZERO of that since Sep 2007.

Throw in the fact, he just loves to be all giddy around famous athletes and namedrop like he's one of the guys with BB giving him no attention or no real time of day to have inside access in FOxborough, and I can see King taking it personal.

Dale and Holley interviewed him in Sept of 2007 on WEEI, and as they confronted him with his lies, inconsitencies and hypocrisy in the reporting of the witch hunt (with facts and reality), he mysteriously had a dead cell phone and the interview ended.

I had visions of him jumping under a bed to make sure he had bad cell reception when put in the corner by Dale and Holley's questions. lol

It would not surprise me AT ALL if the Pats organization heard or got wind of that display and cut off his access.   All he has now is the Light charity thing he attends with Light every summer/fall, but that's been this way since 2007. His coverage of the Pats has obviously changed, and so has his tone in HOW he covers the Pats.

This article here is another example. 

Also, he just wrote an SI pieces that talks abou the Giants laying the cap era blueprint on how to build a team. LOL!!!

This is on the heels of a SB, where if a myriad of boneheaded plays on offense don't occur by NE, the Pats win the SB. So, would this have changed King's premise? How is it that the Giants' blueprint is newsworthy, when all NY is doing is mirroring the Pats blueprint and copying BB? Good job, but it's in NO WAY, shape or form the Giants' blueprint.  Absolutely laughable.

The Giants are one of the premiere franchises in the NFC but to go as far as to credit the Maras and Reese in NY for laying a bleuprint? Really? They're chasing BB.  Pittsburght is chasing BB.  Philly, Balt, SD, Dallas, etc.....chasing BB.

BB should have been GM of the year in 2010 and his coaching work both in 2010 and 2011 with the players he chose (regardless of overall public opinion) were good enough to put the team in the SB.

Meanwhile, the Giants had a lot of the same personnel hanging around since their 2007 SB win. 

It's more impressive that BB has fielded a completely DIFFERENT team to get to a SB in 2011.    King is such a moron or really, just on his little crusade to ignore BB's accomplishments as much as possible.

What BB has done since 2009 and 2010 in terms of strategizing to lay an appropriate framework here is legendary.   I don't see too many teams rebuilding on the fly into a lockout and coming out looking like this.

If NE wins another SB, most of the fun of it will be watching how the media covers it.

BB will be walking around with 4 rings as head coach and GM in the cap era with possibly more to come and they still will act like it's not that historical. lol