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    What PATS fans NEED to ACKOWLEDGE....

    Since the Pats won the SB in 2001, the organization built on that success to win SBs in 2003 and 2004.  In 2005, a bad game against the Broncos cost them that SB run (one of Brady's worst playoff game performances) and the huge letdown against the Colts in 2006, when many thought the Pats may have fielded one of its best teams in this decade. Then came 2007.  The offense took off, but, the defense really started to show its age.  How many games would the Pats have lost if it weren't for that offense?  Pats fans everywhere spoke of how the team needed to improve on D, get more youthful.  Well, in 2009 the team did just that, to the chagrin of many fans.  Mainly, ridding itself of some much admired and loved players.  There are fans who opined these players were still needed, the wrong players signed, losing experience would hurt.  That is called change, players don't stay around forever!  Wait until Brady leaves!

    What we need to acknowledge is with change can come pain.  Right now, many Pats fans, mostly spoiled by the results of the 2007 season, can't stand not seeing their team grinding the opposition into the dust.  They salivate at that 2 -3 TD victory and it is not happening.  Think of what the Pats looked like early in this decade.  Everyone had no expectations and enjoyed the rise of the team.  No other NFL franchise in this decade can claim 3 SB victories in 4 tries, 4 conference titles, 5 conference championship playoff games, setting consecutive game winning streaks the like never seen before in the history of the league.  All this has resulted in high expectations, which is normal.  But, take a chill pill and let the team grow again.  You can criticize, question and wonder, but, don't give up.  There are fans in many cities who can't even approach having had a team to support like this for such a long time.
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    Re: What PATS fans NEED to ACKOWLEDGE....

    Well said, although I'd like to point out a couple of minor disagreements:

    -In 2006, Reche Caldwell and Jabbar Gaffney were our top two receivers.  The former dropped a pass in the red zone BY HIMSELF against the Colts with the game tied 31-31.  The Patriots settled for a field goal a couple plays later.  The defense alone didn't lose that game.  It fell through Caldwell's hands.

    -The Patriots' roster philosophy changed when the rules changed.  The 2007 Patriots were built to take advantage of all of the rules that had been made to help finesse passing teams beat their physical, press/bump-and-run defense, so they joined the club and built a team around a passing attack knowing that defenses couldn't touch their receivers downfield.

    -My general understanding of the economics of their roster is that they're not going to pay linemen more than a certain amount of money (a percentage of the cap).  For this reason, it's highly unlikely that we'll ever have a Walter Jones as opposed to Matt Light.  Instead, my understanding is that the team relies on intelligent schemes and technique to help even the fight against more athletically talented defenders.  This came back to bite them against the Giants, who featured three Pro-Bowl level d-linemen (Umenyiora, Tuck, and Strahan), and one of whom could be inducted into the Hall of Fame someday (Strahan).  These weren't guys who would be beaten by technique.  They had technique AND talent.  Brady had a high ankle sprain.  Matt Light looked like Max Lane circa January 1997 versus Reggie White and the rest of the line looked lethargic and flat-footed instead of initiating contact (and you CAN'T catch linemen that talented and hope to hold your ground).  The Giants also ran a couple of delayed/designed blitzes that weren't picked up because the Pats' linemen were slow/flat-footed.  It is what it is.

    -Don't forget that, despite the physical beating that the Pats took from the Giants, Asante Samuel still dropped the game-ending interception two yards from the sideline.

    -This team is 1-1 two weeks into the season.  They're not 6-6 twelve weeks into the season.  There's a significant difference, especially when Welker and Mayo didn't play.  More importantly, Edelman, Galloway, and Guyton DID play, and this will benefit them significantly later in the year when their progress is combined with the return of Mayo and Welker.  I don't see any of these problems as unfixable - as a matter of fact, I see these problems as easily fixable, as in things that we should see improve significantly over the next couple weeks (helped by the fact that the Patriots are at home for those games)
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    Re: What PATS fans NEED to ACKOWLEDGE....

    Its true, this season will be tougher, but maybe that means it will be more fun also. I hate seeing the pats lose, especailly to the Jets, and though the team has looked bad, it has upside. The defense will gel with the younger guys learning thier roles and Brady and the offense will slowly shake off thier rust and get more effecient. Next time, we'll give the jets a run for thier money. Go PAts!
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    Re: What PATS fans NEED to ACKOWLEDGE....

    My only problem with this team so far is finishing drives. If the O can turn more drives into TD's we'd be 2-0 right now. They are proving they can move the ball. Brady is still getting over a mental hurdle and it's going to take a few weeks. Expect around mid season the Pats under the same circumstances as yesterday lead at halftime 20-3.
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    Re: What PATS fans NEED to ACKOWLEDGE....

    Yeah getting younger hurts. Just seems like we're doing it a little more quickly than we meant to. Or... maybe slightly later than we should have?
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