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What Pats have been missing for awhile

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    Re: What Pats have been missing for awhile

    In response to PatsLifer's comment:

    We have 3 good mlb's, but neeD someone or two to play olb in our 4-3. 

    Bb signed armstead from the cfl. He if he was coming out of college this year might be equivalent to a 2nd round pick. Question is, has bb already chosand his DT and will he use the draft to further upgrade the position in a deep DT draft class? 

    There are any number of 4-3 olbs coming out this year that would add an element of speed to our lb corps. Don't know if bb sees this as a priority given armstead, crossing fingers on Pryor, and guys like Francis, love, deaderick, etc continuing to progress. 

    Personally, I would rather the pats look for a 3-4 de early in this draft, and maybe play more 3-4 with some combo of Nink/Hightower outside, spikes & mayo inside, jones outside. But I think this would require a very good 3-4 end, one we don't have currently. 

    maybe someone like Jesse Williams. He could kick inside next to Vince in a 4-3, but has the size the play end in the 3-4, or inside in a 4-3. There are a few players like him.

    I'm still in a wait and see mode with Armstead, personally. The thing about him is that teams (including the Pats) could have signed him as a UDFA and didn't. I know he had a heart attack and might have scared off some teams but most teams are willing to red shirt players for a year. The Pats do it all the time with players they like. They bring them in and IR them or PuP them to give them time to recover. So I don't think the heart attack was the main reason why he wasn't signed as a UDFA by some team. Then when looking at the futures contract he signed with the Pats, it's not like it was a great contract either. If other teams really thought he had a 2nd round type value then someone could have given more then what the Pats gave.

    I think there are questions on Armsteads game in combination with the heart attack. As such, I see him as a Pryor replacement or a Deadrick replacement right now. I still think they want to upgrade the position next to Wilfork and given the high talent level with DT's in the first 50 picks I still think they are targetting a player inside. They could target a DE but when I look at it what's a bigger upgrade, upgrading Nink or upgrading Love.

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    Re: What Pats have been missing for awhile

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    Wilson will be covering backs and TE's....that will be his "hybrid" role....I also do not believe that we will settle out at 5 picks with none between 3 and 7...the strength of this draft is between 2 and 6...I can easily see them trading out of round one to pick up a couple extra picks, maybe even having BB go back to his Trader Joe routine to pick up extra picks for the future as well...

    I was thiniking the same thing though it might depend on what Wilson the younger shows BB in his second year in training camp.


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    Re: What Pats have been missing for awhile

    Been hearing about this "Hybrid" player thing for quite some time. Rodney Harrisons don't grow on trees-- great safeties are hard to find--these offensive guys are fast and strong-instincts can't be taught or gained in the gym-you either have "IT" or don't. And I dont think Wilsons the answer-he will be a good presence over the middle and against the run-but I have to question where his COVER skills are at with his age and all--would have been nice to have lande him 4 years ago! Yet another aging VET at a cheaper price. Pats trying for the Harrison magic again? For every Harrison there's,  8--- L. Thomas's.

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    Re: What Pats have been missing for awhile

    What I'd like to see is Mayo start working hard and with the proper trainers on his coverage skills. 

    I also believe Wilson will see a lot of action as a coverage linebacker in certain packages.