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What RB's do the Pats keep?

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    Re: What RB's do the Pats keep?

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    I read the article in the Herald today where they stated that Maroney caught a lot of balls in college and Maroney admitted he was very nervous initially, especially in the first year. Maroney seemed honest and upfront which, IMHO, means he has turned the corner and is facing issues. If Maroney stays healthy and is relaxed, look for a big year because he has all of the physical ability. If the Patriots are throwing to him (when they were not before) then the Pats must think Maroney is much more relaxed. Looks like Joe81b was right to me. Maroney will make the team, start catching balls out of the backfield and have a big year. If he is catching balls, doing screens and running, the opposing defenses can not just play "run defense" when he is in the game which will also open more room for him to run.
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    Makes me wonder if if thats another reason we brought in Fred(beside the fact BB has always liked him) Taylor and Morris can be the running up the middle guys and Faulk and Maroney can take screens for big chunks of yardage. I think my favorite play is still the screen to Faulk. It almost never fails. Anyways Maroney has a lot to live up to if he wants to eventually replace faulk. Kevin is top 3 in the league as far as pass catching for a rb goes. Per pass attempt I wouldn't doubt it if he was the best.
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    Re: What RB's do the Pats keep?

    Maroney is not a natural pass catcher.  Many questioned a first round pick for him because he was a 2 down running back.  He has dropped several passes in his time here, but who hasn't.  He can improve his pass catching ability, but I think Faulk's ability to catch the ball in stride without losing his concentration is something that comes naturally to him but that Maroney lacks.  Whenever I've seen Maroney catch the ball, he has to come to a stop, wait for the ball to come, and then resume running.  He might get better at it but given the type of back he was in college and his first three years in the NFL, I don't think he will develop into a good 3rd down back.