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what to do with the extra cap room?

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    Re: what to do with the extra cap room?

    In response to RidingWithTheKing's comment:

    One think to keep in mind that's not related to 2013, is 2014 and the fact that they'd need to re-up McCourty and probably Spikes, assuming they have good seasons. But, I think McCourty is a must and a definite.

    So, it's really about how to get to 2015 where the moves this year will affect next year's situation, too.


    Yep and seeing Belichick over the years he will certainly do that first. He's always planning ahead , there are several teams in trouble now because they didn't have the forethought as to what was going to happen with the cap these next couple of years. He's left the Patriots in great shape once again.

    as far as who to sign I think it depends on what they do with some of their own guys, most notably Talib and Welker. IMO their biggest needs are DT and corner on the defense. If Talib bolts then even more so for corner. Offensively another receiver that's fast, gets open, and can catch the football. I know it sounds obvious but these guys have been hard to find, please don't sign Wallace. He's a one trick pony and overrated IMO. 

    Its going to be fun to watch what Belichick does this offseason to improve the team even more.

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    Re: what to do with the extra cap room?




    Still obsessed with homosexuality, Queenie?  Considering your constant plea for information about Tebow's sex life throughout 2012,I'm not surprised one bit. My friends at the theater tell me, once you admit it to yourself, the humiliation of who you are goes away and you hate yourself a little less. 

    Speaking of the theater.  All this time I have wondered why you always reference "standing desk" and theater.  I thought you had some pent up hatred of theater employees from what that old man use to do to you in the back row while the movie theater employees just ignored it.  It just occured to me that you think the thing that I drop tickets into is a desk!   I mean, everyone knows you're an idiot, but you think that a ticket stand was a standing desk? Holy freakincrap! What a complete moron you are.  I'm going to help you out here. Google Edison Electric Table - ELE.  That is a standing desk.  A ticket taker stands next to........ A ticket taker stand.   


    Dude , do you really collect the tickets at the movie theater? I knew a kid in high school who did that too. It's cool though, at least it's a job right?

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    Re: what to do with the extra cap room?

    #1 resign WELKER.

    #2 resign Talib.  No tag though.

    #3 sign b grimes.

    #4 sign c Woodson.  I know everyone thinks reed, but I think reed is back with Baltimore. Just a hunch.  

    #5. Sign Kruger, need pass rushing guys. This should probably be higher on list....

    #6. they cut Lloyd, and I do like Hartline.  

    #7.  kick off returner!  Ginn jr or Stephens-howling or isn't j cribbs a FA?  ....forget Demps.