i must admit i didnt like obrien play calling at all deep bombs on 3 rd and short not running the ball at all , too many shotgun formation but to his defense the offence had to carry the defense in 2009 ,2010,2011 and they had moss welker hern gronk woodhead .


but josh MCD play calling is horrible as it gets firat and goal at the one 3 attempts by the air too much ahotgun formation instead of bunch or jumbo run formations.

too many trick plays screens to dobson or thompkins arent working bolden is no kevin faulk , soldier isnt a TE and worst of all the same lame play action plays .

cant remember the last time i saw a botleg or a flea flicker , brady has to playmore under center the whole leauge knows he will always go ahotgun formation.

we need to go back to dink and dunk offense with a strong run game becausevi cant see any WR being able to strech the field.

better play calling is a must josh MCD better wake up