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What to watch this weekend...

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    What to watch this weekend...

    For me the Patriots bye week always feels almost like the whole NFL is off for the weekend, but there are few interesting matchups...

    Dolphins @ Colts - the winner of this game gets a leg up in the race for the six playoff spot in the AFC. If the Patriots fail to get a bye, the winner of this game could likely be their first round opponent (this game is not on in Boston - we have to watch Denver/Cinncinatti)

    Steelers @ Giants - this is the game of the week in my mind. If the Steelers can go to NY and win under difficult conditions (the Steelers could not get a hotel because of the storm and will be travelling to New Jersey on Sunday morning), the become a real player in the AFC. They would have the same record as the Patriots, and a win against a team some people think is the best in the NFL right now.

    Unfortunately, both night games are kind of lame.

    Sunday - Cowboys @ Falcons - maybe the Cowboys play their best game of the year in an attempt to prove something

    Monday - Eagles @ Saints - two disappointing teams going nowhere

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