1. Those who posted about the Jets having a so-so defense should be eating crow about now.  Don't make excuses. Go shoot a crow, bake it, and eat it.  They have a good defense.  Some of us said so.  

2. Since the Eagles game of 2007, Brady was getting hit 1 in 10 pass attempts.  Last year Cassell got pummeled, but it was all blamed on Cassell.  Time to admit we have protection problems.  This is a copycat league.  Any and every team with the right personnel will do the same thing.  Until we resolve this, our offense will look very human against any team with a good defense.

3. The good news is that it's far better to face this now than in the playoffs.  Having a division foe that can pressure our QB might be exactly what is needed to get people to realize we have a problem with protection.  Don't forget, the Jets D isn't exactly the Giants D.

4. I thought this was the game for Galloway to "arrive", now maybe it's time for him to exit.  Give Nunn a chance.  He will not do that much worse will he?  Invest in the future.  OK, maybe give Galloway another game or two.