What were the surprises this summer ( and not)

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    Re: What were the surprises this summer ( and not)

    Who knows maybe Baltimore was never willing to trade webb away?

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    Gilmore right now doesn't even look good, but you would have traded UP? You would have paid Webb?

    Are you wondering why people laught at your comments? My good god. We needed a pass rush and you want hyped up CBs?

    Gilmore imo is going to be a stud. Big, ball hawk, always around the ball.

    I would have paid Webb, which I said 2-3 months ago. Young, playmaker, comes up big in big games. Always around the ball.

    Signing Webb would not have precluded draftying Jones and Bequette, and most likely Wilson could have been passed over (McCourtey would slide to Safety) and either an ILB or OL drafted in rd #2
    Rd#1-trade pick for Webb
    Rd#2-draft safety or OL
    Rd#3-draft pass rusher


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    Re: What were the surprises this summer ( and not)

    I think it's funny that the poeple that have called the pass rush overrrated for years, now say that we needed to upgrade our pass rush and defensive end position. You can't make this stuff up.
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    Re: What were the surprises this summer ( and not)

    Del, I warned you.  Don't complain when you are gone again.
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    Re: What were the surprises this summer ( and not)

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    I love how you allowed Mt Hurl's lie to sit in print and then deleted my comments which expose his lying. Go to the source of the problem. Is it this hard? You have carte blanch access delete posts and comments and you can't see what the source is?

    LOL I don't have any power here.  I'm not a mod.  If I did, or were, YOU WOULD BE INSTANTLY DISSOLVED EVERY TIME I FIND YOU.  I just meant I would report you until you were banned again.  I REALLY enjoyed your absence.  REALLY.  A LOT.  HUGELY.  And I'm willing to put in whatever work is required to hang you, and you supply enough rope to help me out.  
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    Re: What were the surprises this summer ( and not)

    Wish we could find somebody to give us a respectable kickoff return game without jeopardizing Welker or Edleman.
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    Re: What were the surprises this summer ( and not)

    My surprise was the final preseason game.  The Giants had their starters in the game and were only able to score 3 points!   The Patriots had their backups in at defense.  I like what I see.  Ebert and Wilson will learn and be a force.  Cunningham and Brace have finally started to earn their second round draft selection.  The free agents signings worked out as expected.  Three made the team.  The Patriots did not waste money signing big name busts.  the last three years of drafting are paying off.  Soldier is a little weak and learning.  He will come around.   Ras I and Mccourdy will be solid.  Ridley looks good.  Vereen is still a work in progress but shows potential.  Many forget that the Patriots DRAFTED two of the best TE's in the league.  Mallet looks strong.  He has a lot of potential.  Hoyer was not going to be the future.  What the Patriots spent on free agents signings, the recouped from their final cuts.  The cuts totaled about $5 million.  The free agents misses were about $5 million.   

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    Re: What were the surprises this summer ( and not)

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    Useful?  I just explained to you how incredibly wrong you are. Gallery retired. Did you have this same reaction when BB signed Joe Panos in 2001 and then he retired?

    This is exactly what I mean. You don't get it. Every team has people who are signed as camp competition.

    For 3 years it was Kraft "is too cheap" and now you're whining about them wisely signing veteran camp competition in case of injury or a younger player not being good enough?

    This proves you and your buddies' little irrational behavior here.

    I dont recall the situation 12 years ago with Joe Panos. But in 2012, I do think BB knew Light was retiring, Mankins coming off surgery, Waters retiring and Solder replaced in the SB for performance, not injury. To assume Gallery was going to be part of the answer after being let go by Seatle was imo poor roster management by BB.

    DOnt say I am stiring up the pot, as you know very well I also called this out the day of Gallery's signing.

    If we are all going to call BB genius, which we all do, and say he is the master of the cap era, which we all do, he also should be fair game if we feel errors have been made.

    I called out the FRee Agent class months ago, and you argued with me at that time...yet here we are...concerned about the OL depth, protecting Brady and opening running lanes. Concerned about Chung staying on the field. You can keep your fingers crossed for Sterling Moore to pan out, or hope that one of the rookies isnt exposed....and the PAts schedule and over all talent will hide a lot of weakness...but when it comes time to face quality opposition in the playoffs, lets hope the Pats have the answers to tighten up some of these potential weak areas.


    Here we are? I just read a piece on how impressed BB is with Ryan Wendell, a developed C/G here after BB plucked him from Patr Hill's Fresno program.

    This is what I mean. You don't know what your'e talking about. You need the media to tell you someone is great for you to feel comfortable speaking publicly on it. You don't analyze on your own, because apparently you aren't capable.

    I've said here for SIX MONTHS that BB and Scarnecchia like Donald Thomas, Nick McDonald and Ryan Wendell and how they;re improving here.  

    This OL depth crap is just that. Crap.  They have system guys in the interior, cut Koppen who isn't as good anymore, and are turning the LT spot over to Solder full time.   They're short a quality swing Tackle, which may or may not be Nick McDonald or Cannon.

    Gallery retired.  He retired. People retire all the time in camp.  He was nothing more than a potential Tackle back up or a guy who would have taken over or Mankins if he wasn't ready.

    You're problem is you go right for the most dramatic and negative possible outlook with this team.    Constantly.

    Very annoying.  Do some homework, use your own eyes and form an opinion.  This team won 3 SBs with 3 different O Lines, coached up by the best in the business.  The only concern should be Vollmer's back and a full 16 games.

    Waters also considering retirement means it's "poor roster management" by BB? What is your opinion of your favorite team, the Jets, and their offensive line right now. They traded for a guy who failed a physical, have no developed one draft on the O Line in 5 years outside of Mangold who is a great Center, drafted a bust in Ducasse in 2010 in the deepest draft in 25 years, and are hoping Austin is better than Wayne Hunter.

    THAT is bad roster management.  Glad I could help.

    And no, he shouldn't be fair game, when in the big picture, what he's done in a very short window, in and out of lockout, was so masterful.  You reaching for such stupid things like Robert Gallery's retirement, as veteran camp competition, is what people don't like here.

    The most minute negative does not supersede many, many positives.

    You must be, flat out, a miserable individual.


    Tell me something. I have been at 9 practices this summer and  2 of the games including the Tampa practice/game. I have seen Wendell and he is improved, but too small to be effective in the running game. I have seen with my own eyes and made my decisions.

    You on the other hand are in N Carolina and havent seen a pactice and/or game in years. YOu most likely have seen the games on TV this summer, but watched pure vanilla. How are you making your decisions on who is playing well? Reading Bedard who you despise? Reiss, who admittedly knows little of the game? I find it strange that you are never watching the team, but feel you know so much?? What did you see in Thomas and McDonald 6 months ago, when you never actually saw them?

    BB says Wendell has improved, so he has? GUess what, he is not a starting NFL center. BB also says a lot of things to the media, do you believe everythng he says?

    Gallery retired because he was going to be cut, just like he was by Seatle last year. Yes, BB blew it by bringing this guy in, and he left the OL very thin with retirement issues, health issues and fringe back ups.

    I am not a Jets fan, but D'brick and Moore along with Mangold are all pro bowl players, all drated by the Jets (Moore undrafted and developed out of Illinois)

    Again, my opinion, not another writers or broadcasters...my opinion after being at the stadium almost every day, Cannon was borderline to be cut...Solder should not be starting this year....but the Pats have no one else to play.

    Lastly, werent you the guy who for months during Mankins hold out complained about how over rated he is, and the PAts should cut bait with him?

    You should stop spewing drivel and come see some practice time, listen to some people who actually have played the game and played for the PAts, and learn something...because you could not be more wrong


    Nice response. I love how people that don't go to camp, etc, claim that they know a guy has developed from what they've seen - when in fact it would be impossible to see said player. Rusty is a total fraud.